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Jawbone II Custom Molded Earpieces From AverySound

Not sure how many of you will be interested in this but I thought it was worth a mention. Two weeks ago I reviewed the Aliph Jawbone II Bluetooth headset and docked its rating for having a lousy ear hoop connecting it to your ear. This made it fall off easily and lose connection with your jawbone causing it to cancel out your voice as background noise. This was a shame since the original Jawbone had a great ear hoop and is still my headset of choice.

JawBoneIIweb womanwithjawboneIIweb 

Ivan let me know in the comments that he found a great but pricey solution for fixing this issue. AverySound sells custom molded earpieces for the Jawbone and Jawbone II that completely eliminate the need for the Jawbones ear hoop. The earpiece holds your headset to your ear by using a custom mold of your inner ear. This makes a perfect seal of your ear allowing you to lower the volume since it blocks out background noises.

jawboneIIwithblueweb jawboneIIwithnocolorweb

The earpiece is pricey at $69 per earpiece especially on top of the cost of a Jawbone but it makes sense once you understand the work they put into it. Once they receive your order you will be sent an impression kit that lets you make an impression of your ear. You then mail them back the impression using their prepaid mailing box and they will send you back a custom made earpiece that they guarantee. A friend of mine had something similar done for his headphones a bit back and he cannot stop raving about it.

ColorSample2web You can order the custom earpieces in multiple colors as you can see to the right. I am not sure about the glitter and I would recommend getting a regular black or blue color.

You can order the Jawbone II earpiece at this link or a earpiece for the original Jawbone at this link. I am going to try and pick one up and do a review. Let me know if you get one! I can definitely see this being useful for people who are constantly on their Bluetooth headset.

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  1. Pretty cool – but at CES the folks from Jawbone had new in-ear pieces on hand that attach to the existing Jawbone II so you may use it without the standard earloop. Essentially the same thing as this item. Jawbone will be letting owners have them at no charge I believe in the upcoming months.

  2. I’ve had both jawbones and earpieces from averysound for each. Not only is the jawbone a great headset, but the custom earpieces are well worth the price if you are on your headset enough. It does keep the jawbone firmly in your ear in a much more comfortable way. You forget that it is even in your ear. It also allows you to turn down your volume which any audiologist will tell you is a good thing. Unless you have a custom molded earpiece, sound escapes which results in you turning up your volume which in turn damages your hearing over time. This solution solves that problem.

  3. The new Jawbone II earbuds are available at
    there is a small nominal charge for shipping+handling. Depending on where you live, some AT&T, Verizon and Best Buy stores have the earbuds available for customers also. Having used them I can tell you, they are sooo much more comfortable and more secure as well. I wear my jawbone all day and it doesn’t move at all from my face, which is perfect.

  4. I have essentially the same thing for my original Jawbone & they cost $6 for 3 sets of different sizes: Jabra Ear Gels. They allwed me to ditch the hoop & the largest size fits my ear great!

    Custom is nice, but if you can get away with $6…do it!

    • I have been using this solution for quite some time… I have Jabra Ear Gels on my Jawbone, Jawbone II, MotoPURE H15, and every other headset I’ve tried that doesn’t have a flat earpiece. None have fallen out, and all sound far superior to stock.

  5. ive got the custom one in blue on my original jawbone. i love it the volume an such is amazing the fit is so much better. with 6.00 jabre and the new ones from jawbone i wouldnt trust i had the jabra but still needed the loop. with avery sound its a perfect mold of your ear.

  6. Even better! Aliph designed some New Fit earbuds and will give them to you for FREE. 🙂


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