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HOT! Free Tetris Application Customized For The BlackBerry Bold

Picture 6 Papped let me know that he has customized a free Tetris game for the Bold by adding the classic Tetris song along with improved graphics and trackball control. All I can say is that the game is addictive on my Bold, but it may also work on other devices so it’s worth a shot.

NOTE: Let me know if this works on devices other than the Bold!

There is only an OTA download, but you cannot argue with free. The game installed like a charm on my Bold. I am not sure about the origins of the game…

You can pick it up OTA at this link or this link

If you want to send a few dollars Papped’s way, you can do so via PayPal at this link.

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  1. Game and sound works fine on 8320.
    The right side of the display seems a little wonky but it doesnt affect gameplay at all.
    Hey free tetris…dont complain 🙂

  2. thanks Ronen You da Man

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  3. Works on my BB curve 8330 just fine.
    J just

  4. Works on my 8330 curve. Its zoomed into the left part of the screen. Still works okay.

  5. Sorta works on the blackberry 8130, but very glitchy

  6. 8830
    It works. Piece rotation is laggy. Oh, IMO same shape pieces should be same color, I shouldn’t have to think shape.

    It installed, and applications list says it is installed, but danged if I can find an icon to launch it. And yes, I checked in folders and check “show all”.

  7. Works fine on my 8330 OS 4.5 only problem is right side of screen is cut off, but you can still read the score and everything so that is not a big deal. Besides, free tetris!

  8. Works on my Bold…very nice game…very nice..

  9. Updated to v1.3.

    Block colors are consistent based on block type now.
    Rotation is done with trackball clicks.

  10. Works great on my pearl running

  11. Everything works great on my 8900 ( except for one thing; the first few blocks go straight through the bottom of the box and then pretty much disappear. The game still keeps them in play, but you have to remember what you put down first. It goes 3 lines down, then you can build as usual.

    Its actually kind of fun this way though. It adds some more difficulty right off the bat.

    Thanks for this great game. It has been officially accepted into my ‘games’ folder from the lowly ‘downloads’ folder.

  12. Yeah it has to do with it being based on the bold res, so it doesn’t fit the screen correctly on other resolutions.

  13. Dude, sweet!

    Thanks for providing a nice app, for free!

    Any chance you could pause it after the game is over, instead of immediately starting another game? We’re super competitive in the office, so we’d like to be able to catch our high scores.

  14. Yeah, I plan on adding high score storage in the future too.
    Also randomization of 3 tetris songs instead of just 1.

  15. Plays on my 8300 screen is off set and menue pop flashes but other then that free game curve.screen is

  16. Okay, v1.3:
    Are both linked OTA download sites above updated? The first offered me 1.2 but second offered 1.3. But maybe a browser cache matter?

    Consistent color appreciated!

    Not sure if I like trackball click rotate or not. It DOES sure make for easy one handed play though! Perhaps give user option of key to use (Q, P, Space, click) for rotate?

    If the playfield background image is static, maybe give options for different sizes? Since the playfield width doesn’t match up, I can never tell where right edge is at. If I could load a different background image based on device that would help. You would likely have to spend some time in the simulator to figure out proper images for the respective device resolutions.

    I concur about pausing at end. I would at least like to SEE my score! Retaining a device high score would be nice too.

    I was playing and got a phone call. When I hung up my 8830 went back to the game but it was at fresh start (not where I left off). By design or not this was unexpected.

    On 8830, bottom row is invisible. I don’t recall that being so with 1.2.

    Cheers! I am off to paypal to donate!

  17. Thanks much to papped. It works well on 8330 os 4.5.077(unofficial). Would be nice to have a more clearly define right edge to play field. I also find I have tough time controlling ‘fast drop’ in that tend to trigger it uninentionally but I can’t think of a better way to implement. Maybe any letter key triggers fast drop instead of down trackball?

  18. Forgot to say that this is a great looking game with nice play and excellent trueness to original. I congratualate author for such fine work. Kudos!

  19. Works on my 8310

  20. Does anybody have any idea if this will work on the Storm?

  21. @Mark:
    See my comment #6 above.
    Have not tried the newer v1.3

  22. The controls are tough, because no matter what you are sacrificing something.

    One thought is maybe trackball click to fast drop, then have Q do the rotation. You give up one hand playing then though.

  23. Also it’s not gonna work on the storm since it isn’t controlled by touchscreen.

  24. If you’re taking votes, my vote is for one handed. I am able to work the fast down with my trackball as I don’t do it often. One hand operation outweighs in my mind.

  25. Pearl 8100: Great Game!
    Tried it from the first link and didn’t rotate, but the second link gave me the right version.
    Great idea to click for rotating, it makes it BlackBerry specialty.

    The background gives it a cheap feeling, though, a small but important detail. Maybe something simpler would make it right.
    Congratulations for doing it, I would like to know how to, either.

  26. By the way, no guides for left-right borders, nor a transparent grid to predict the falling position.

  27. Updated to v1.4

    -Randomizes between 3 tetris songs
    -Game pauses and shows score when game ends (only last score for now)
    -Game should pause when you minimize/get a call/etc

    I can’t update the berryreview OTA link, just FYI.

  28. Still playing, very cool.
    Noticed there is no sound for line crashing, also to accelerate falling you roll down.
    It is unpleasant because it goes all the way down: the down rolling should only add a few pixels on the Y direction not all the way down because i use it a lot and sometimes i miss, and sometimes i roll down just a bit without wanting to and that is a messy move, i assure you.
    Sorry for all the remarks, i don’t think it is bad, it is a great idea just a step close to perfection.

  29. You can stop the falling by rolling up.

    If rolling down only accelerates it a few pixels, then you have to roll down 5-10x to drop to the bottom.

    Not entirely sure if that is better.

  30. Looks like there’s a small issue with the sound randomization

  31. v1.45

    -Fixed the music randomization issue
    -Last Score displays during the game

  32. v1.46

    -Removed some leftover debug alerts

  33. v1.5

    -Sound effect on line clear
    -Added grid to play area

  34. v1.51

    -Equalized music volume for the 3 songs
    -Sound Off/Sound On wasn’t always properly playing a song

  35. Hi papped. I’m still on 1.45, but I noticed last night that an audio event (ringtone, email alert, etc.) Stopped the music and it didn’t come back.

    Also, I don’t know if this is even possible, but can an app initiate and disable “airplane mode”? An option in the game to have “airplane mode” come on while you are playing and off when you finish would keep us from being interrupted while playing! 😉 of course I can do it myself, but if the game could do it itself that would be TOO cool.

  36. My best appreciations! i cannot ask more. You have done a great app. i envy you!

  37. I can’t get enough of it. i was a very good player in highschool and it makes me feel good being good at it. What a game!
    You said that you put a line crash sound but I did’t hear it, maybe because I use a Pearl, i hear something very faint, though, when I turn sound off, it seems a nice sound but can hardly guess. i like that gun like sound, and it would be exciting to reproduce the old game by hearing it repeated as many times as the lines smashed.

  38. Can you, Please, solve that line crashing sound issue? It is too dimm snd doesn’t make me feel the maximum of the game.
    PLEASE! 🙂

  39. All versions updated to 1.52.

    83xx version looks correct now.
    Line clear sound plays on every line clear.

  40. @papped:
    Any plan for an 88xx specific version?
    I think with the “line sound” working now, you need a toggle to be able to silence it. Ya know, for “stealth Tetris” in meetings! 😉

  41. Latest version is 2.0. Just gonna link to the forum post since I don’t want to keep updating in multiple places:

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