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DreamBerry: Tie Your Profile & Wireless Settings & More To Your Location (Cell Tower or GPS)

unzippinghead I have a dream…

Back in the day on my S60 Nokia 3650 & N-gage (Yeah I admit to having one) I had a really cool program that I wish was available for BlackBerry. It would constantly monitor your location based on the cellphone tower you were connected to and allow you to set certain rules based on which tower you were connected to or just disconnected from.

For example:

  • You could set it to send your wife a text or email when you left work or were almost home.
  • You could make it automatically set your profile to vibrate when you get to work and turn it back to normal when you leave.
  • You could make it automatically set your alarm clock when you are home.
  • You could set it to turn off or on Bluetooth or WiFi when you are home to save battery life.
  • Set a custom alert to remind you to go shopping when you are near the store.
  • You could set an alert to remember your keys, lock up, or other information before you leave the house.
  • It could land a plane on the moon while you are waiting in traffic (kidding)
  • And more…

As you can see this could have a ton of cool uses. Implementing this based on Cell Tower information is the best but GPS could also work. The problem is that GPS eats extra battery life, takes a few seconds to get a location, and does not work indoors.

So I have to pose this question to all BlackBerry developers out there… Is my dream possible?

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  1. So I admit to sometimes carrying an S60 device on the weekends when i’m doing something that might put my ‘berry at risk.

    What is the name of this super, uber S60 application?

  2. I have thought about creating an app just like this. I just don’t know how to program for a blackberry – lol

    I’m sure I could figure it out though. Maybe I will give it a shot (.NET programmer here).

  3. Now that would be a cool idea.
    Who knows maybe it is possible

  4. Yeah I know it is just sad that I had this application years ago with my S60 symbian device…

  5. Cell profiler for windows mobile phone. I looked for this software for the blackberry too. Long time now.

  6. It is definitely possible and I am tinkering with that capability on and off for some time. Not enough hours in a day. 🙁

  7. Psiloc’s MiniGPS (,65547,Psiloc+miniGPS) is what I use on my N95

  8. I use to have this program. I wish I could have something like it on the BlackBerry.

  9. No, you can’t do it. There’s no capability to do this in the API 🙁

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