T-Mobile BlackBerry 8900 Reviews Aplenty

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  1. Im loving my 8900!! Got it on Monday and have no complaints!!!

  2. I’m loving it too!

  3. I’d love to know how the UMA performance compares to the 8320. Is UMA->EDGE transfer on voice calls any smoother? On the 8320 it was not 100%

  4. Nikolaus.. so far it transfers over perfect.. i had a problem w/ drop calls or UMA switching back to Edge on my old 8320.. now w/ the 8900 it holds the wifi signal, not one dropped call yet. the phone is very clear and the speakers are loud… very loud!!

  5. Thanks for linking us to all these Reviews Ronen. After going through each one I think these are 3 solid conclusions:
    1 – If you liked the 83XXs, you will Love the 8900
    2 – Largest complaint is no 3G, but if you don’t NEED 3G you will be happy with UMA-WiFi + EDGE
    3 – Hardware wise highly rated, but as with most Berrys the shipped software version could be tighter so look for SW upgrades in the near future.

  6. Had the 8900 since monday, was a previous 8320 user. Have to say I love it, the 3g is a bummer, but really I’d only use it for tethering so it’s not a big deal to me. Not a heavy web browser and EDGE can keep up fine with GPS applications. Most of the time I’m do data intensive work on it, I’m on a wifi network.

    I used to run in the 8-12mb free memory range, seeing 115+mb free after a few days running is very nice change. I’ve even loaded more apps since I got it so I think it’s doing quite well with memory.

    Came with which is reported to be fine, but I went to once I got it out of the box. So I can’t comment on 114, but 133 is very stable and have had no reboots or strangeness as of yet.

    Case DOES seem to suck the life out of the battery. Stinks because until my invisible shield gets here, I’m pretty much babying the thing.

    Biggest change for me, bluetooth is finally 100% working! I can now make calls with all my bluetooth headsets while on UMA and I have not dropped a call yet or had any weirdness. Also, bluetooth stereo audio is now delivered when watching movies, major annoyance of the 8320…

    That’s enough from me, as everyone else has said, if 3G isn’t a must have, then you’re going to want one of these…

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