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Premium Black Leather Pink Theme for the 8300 & 8800

Jennifer at Cool Blackberry Themes sent in one of her latest themes called ‘Black Leather Pink’. I should mention that there’s a similar version of this theme for the Bold, which I tested, and it works really nice. The main screen has a rich black leather background with a profile, browser and message icons in the center (underneath the time) and a customizable bottom dock of 5 icons. This theme is mainly Black but has neat pink accents throughout. A definite girly theme or for the guy who likes pink 😉 Black Leather Pink is available for 8300/8800 devices OS 4.2 & higher, costs $5.99 and can be purchased here. For other versions of this theme or for other themes from Jennifer, visit Cool Blackberry Themes.



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  1. My opinion: It’s a sloppy made theme with a different color that is far from being a “Premium”.. these kind of themes you find thousands of them for free in countles forums. But “Premium” seem to have a magic attraction.

    • I totally agree with you, the theme looks plain and highly lackluster. But Premium indeed connotes that it costs money and thats the difference. But for $5.99 though?!!

  2. To our readers; At Berryreview, we get several theme submissions on a daily basis and do our best to mention them all as cannot tell personally which themes will be a hit or not. That said, if you see a theme you think is worth mentioning, send it in to [email protected] otherwise we may never know about it. And just to clarify, we say ‘premium’ to differentiate between themes that cost money and themes that do not (ie, ‘free’) never to indicate that one is better than the other. One of my personal favorite theme designers, ecruz (, makes some of the greatest themes and all for free.

  3. This theme is very well put together. I purchased it and have nothing bad to say about it. It looks great on the Blackberry Curve.

  4. I really hate to do this…but I’m going to defend Jennifer.

    Although this theme seems plain, there is a market for this type of theme. Jennifer chose to sell it rather than to give it away, which is her porragotive.

    Be looking for a similar free theme like this on….

  5. Thank you everyone for all your feedback (positive and negative). I did create this theme first for the Bold, and then I did get requests to make it for the curve. It is actually a very popular theme on my site. I do offer hundreds and hundreds of free themes on my site and I do choose to make some of them premium. I do put a lot of work into every theme I create, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, whatever it may be. For my supporters, thank you for your positive comments.

  6. man, that is horrible

  7. DigitalMofo, the comments section is so that readers CAN post their comments, so no worries. I just wanted to clarify what we mean when we say a theme is ‘premium’. Just to add, Berryreview has always posted about themes, long before I came aboard, but since then we have made it a special feature here to review themes. I use the word ‘review’ loosely as whether a theme is good or not does depend on the person – but I like to let people know how a theme works if I am able. That means testing a theme, getting all the info about it, writing about it, etc. Some people may think we post about themes just to add more posts to our blog. That couldn’t be less true as Berryreview has more than enough non-theme posts that come every day. The truth is that I get several theme submissions daily and that I cannot always keep up! But I like to think we offer a nice service to theme designers and our readers so in the end, it’s all good. Sorry to ramble – I’ll get off my soap box now 😉

  8. Wow, I have never seen such controversy over a theme. I am and avid user of both Pimp My Berry and Cool BlackBerry Themes, first of all the pink leather theme looks great on my Bold, second of all it sounds like the negative comments are from men. I would imagine that most men are not interested in a “Pink Leather” Theme.
    Vicky, I Love you reviews and think you are doing a wonderful job, please keep them coming!
    Jennifer, I admire your work and love all of the free and premium themes you provide, your site is easy to use and full of great choices.
    Steve, I love you site also, it has a great look and feel and great themes. as for the first 2 posters, sounds like a shred of jealousy to me.


  9. Thanks for the comments… but to clarify, is not owned by me.

  10. Ok Jennifer has opened my eyes. Apparently there’s a market for everything. Even cheap a** sloppy stuff, things that can be provided by children. Well.. wonder who is the idiot here.. me, the perfectionist, not yet released ancy “Premium” theme, affraid not meeting the requirements – Or Jenny tha obviously doent give a rats a** what people thin, pumpin crap themes and running a shop. Time to think about whats paying my bills.. therefore i decided to open a shop as well.. not hard to top Jenny’s work, but still, if there’s a market for everything… how about selling the original theme with no changes at all? i’m sure someone will defend also that thread.

  11. sorry bout my french, just realised that, but couldnt find a way to edit my comment. However, there’s something to learn from each individual. And if Jenny has inpired people with her themes then that’s a great side effect. Doesn’t justify the premium flood from all over still…

    • I edited it for you. Mainly because we try to keep some level of respect in the comments section on this site. Also, while I understand your frustration, really no need to let it get the best of you. If you don’t like a theme, that’s fine. But as you can see, others might feel the opposite. Thankfully we live in America where we have freedom of choice. Whether or not we agree with each other my motto is, live and let live. Anyway, when your theme is done, send it to us and we’ll do up a post! Hopefully, the comments for your theme will be good 😉

      • Thanks Vicky! Accepted and fully agree what you said. (except that i am no in the states).. however respect is the key and i may have overstretched it a bit. On the other hand – what about those that are not so familiar with theme quality and simply trust the tilte “Premiux xyz theme”.. these are the ones that i speak for right here.
        However.. i think that’s enough from my side, not intending to commir more time into this thread or spam berryreview. A last workd on your mention about respect: I doubt that there’s much respect to be found on that theme shop. A friend of mine described these themes a “glorified wallpapers”

  12. I find your comments very interesting, what I can’t figure out is how you became an authority on Theme Quality???? I have been a BlackBerry users and addict since the 7200 series, and have had almost every model up to and including the Bold. I have also been downloading themes and long as I can remember. So based on your comments I actually purchased this theme, because clearly you cannot come up with your conclusions from the pictures above. So here is my conclusion. This theme is clearly well put together, it utilizes high def images, and was extremely easy to download. I am not saying this is the greatest theme ever, but it clearly is NOT garbage as you state above. Please correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you have a link on your post to “”??? I also went to your site and looked at what you had to offer, and saw NOTHING that was better or worse. As a matter of fact the coolblackberry site had 100 times the themes and content then what I saw on your site. So for all others reading this post, my mission is not to endorse either of these sites, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when those opinions are clearly from one competitor bashing another for their own gain or because they feel threatened, it is usually a good idea to investigate these things first hand.


    • JarraW, dear JarraW, is it that bad? Didn’t take your pill today? You may discuss this with your therapist.

      As for me, i have an opinion and make use of freedom of speach. But just go ahead… try to concentrate on the topic good as you can.. good luck.
      And thanks for taking your time and investigating about me and my site, i appreciate.

      • Ahhh yes digitalmofo, I am the one who needs a therapist, clearly your “freedom of speech” only applies to you. As for your topic, please.. show us all of these so called “Premium Themes” that the rest of us are to naive to see. And one more thing, typically people that break out in obscene rants {that need to be edited by the moderator} about invisible things as you have clearly done need pills and therapy.

  13. Ok, it’s getting to a point to backoff for the sake of all.
    At least we had some fire, time to return to productive stuff

    • Yes, backing off for the sake of not hearing your negative nonsense and lack of any substance to back it up would be a good idea. I am sure everyone here is looking forward to these awesome “premium” themes you are dreaming of.

      • JarraW, first of all i agree with DigitalMofo not just because the theme is about the way he described, but he has been delivering code and themes all over, finest quality, things that you can not even imagine.
        So please quit yelling, if you’re frustrated about your purple ripp off, you should really go see a therapist, and i hope you don’t reply, Vicky can you close this thread, it attracts more and more freaks like JarraW

  14. J. Garvick, I appreciate your thoughts to close the thread but if I was going to do that, I would have done so after one of Digital Mofo’s comments (which I only edited a bit). So as you can see, at BR we want our readers to feel free to comment. For theme submissions, we do have some guidelines ( but no criteria for how ‘good’ a theme must be, simply because, at least in my experience, for every theme…there’s an audience. That said, I’d like to ask everyone to refrain from any more negative comments, if possible, as certainly there are more important things going on in the world to be concerned about 🙂

  15. i really like this theme…but wish it was free 🙂

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