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Daughter Holds Parents At Knife-Point Over Cellphone

teenangerThe crazy times we live in. I was just reading on Gizmodo that some parents in Delaware were held hostage at knife-point for revoking their daughter’s cellphone privileges. Turns out that the daughter was stealing money to buy prepaid minutes so the parents took away her phone. The parents locked themselves in their bedroom while their daughter attacked the door with two large knives…

Makes you think twice about taking your kids’ cellphone away.

via CBS3 via Engadget

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  1. The moment they learned that she was stealing money for CELLPHONE MINUTES they should’ve called a psychiatrist.

  2. Better then if she was stealing money to buy drugs??

  3. Spare the rod…..

  4. @ Nikolaus:
    Not really, it’s still an addiction.

  5. Its sad that no one knows what the definition of discipline is anymore. People are either ignorant or stupid to let there kids even get close to action that way. Im sure that she didn’t just walk in the door one day and freak out like that. I mean come on if i even showed any sign of that. When I was a kid my mom would have killed me while my dad dug the hole to bury me in (mom wasn’t into manual labor like that lol). Does any one take responsibility for there action any more or does every one have a excuse or patsy.

  6. Nowadays parents just try to drug the kids and the kids in turn always blame the parents…

  7. Exactly, mike068! A lot of kids nowadays are coddled and are given way too much leash, as if need to be treated as “little adults.” They are “little children” and still need adult guidance and good stern guidance is what they need. It’s horrible sometimes how I see kids at the playground basically run all over their parents.

    I have two young boys and I’ll be damned if they ever get to this point. It’s just wrong on ALL fronts– Stealing, Brandishing weapons, Threatening and Menacing! And that’s how she treats her parents!!!

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