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Camera Phone Predator Alert Act – Wants To Force Clicking Sound For Cellphone Cameras

I guess the economy is not enough to keep our law makers busy. A new law has been proposed to force cellphone cameras to make a clicking sound when they take a picture. They think that this law will deter criminals from taking “inappropriate” pictures. This is not really anything new for BlackBerry users since RIM has not offered us the option to turn the camera sound off! Or maybe RIM is trying to cut down on spy shots. Though you would think that these inappropriate pictures could just as easily be taken with a spy camera.


This new Camera Phone Predator Alert Act will make it illegal to let a phone disable or silence the picture taking sound. The law would be part of the Consumer Product Safety Commission purview and will be considered a safety issue. They will require the sound to be audible to people within a reasonable distance from the phone…

via Tech Fragments & ZDnet

Thanks DavidB & Tashanna for sending this one in!

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  1. So what if someone releases an application that mutes the shutter sound?

  2. There’s already an app that mutes the shutter sound – BerryAnnoying. LOL if this law passes, I may just ask my congressman for my $4 if I can’t use the app! Seriously, like they have nothing better to do!?

  3. I was the first to create a Camera Mute Application for the BlackBerry but because of this upcoming Law I wouldn’t release it.

  4. @Fabian
    Personally I doubt the law will actually pass so don’t worry about it 🙂 at least for now

  5. I guess I’ll just use my NORMAL CAMERA then, ’cause that one doesn’t make a sound when I snap pictures with it (shutter sound can be turned off).

  6. @Ronen you’re right but is it worth risking? But nice find there on the article! BerryReview is my favourite bb blogs sites! neat articles, on the spot and always fresh. keep it up!

  7. Of all the things our Congress-critters could be spending time and taxpayer money on! And right, what is the point when every point-and-shoot can have its “click” disabled? Talk about stupid laws.

  8. This law doesn’t go far enough. What about video? Phones should be forced to make that old time movie camera “flick flick” noise or maybe something else as long as its loud. We must band together to stop all this rampant unauthorized photographing of peoples privates! Think of the chilfren!!

  9. Shouldn’t people who purchase cell phones simply have the right to disable sounds they don’t want? Why are the rights of supposed “victims” of photography more important than the rights of those who actually paid for the phones?

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