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Jim Balsillie Dubs Buggy OS Software As The “New Reality”

verizonstorm The Wall Street Journal did a bit of digging into the Storm launch and its rocky launch. It launched with very buggy software which RIM is still trying to fix. I can see what they mean when your read about bugs like this one that RIM just published:

CAUSE: The call log screen on the BlackBerry smartphone appears blank while scrolling through to the end of the call list entries.
RESOLUTION: This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.
WORKAROUND: As a workaround, scroll up in the call log entries to display the call log again.

The funny/sad part is that when the WSJ questioned Co-CEO Jim Balsillie about the buggy launch he had some interesting things to say. He said that RIM barely made the Black Friday deadline “By the skin of their teeth.” He also said that the software glitches were part of the “new reality” of making complex smartphones in large volumes. RIM did sell about half a million Storms in the first month with single digit returns but I really feel like they rushed the Storm to market.

Personally I wish RIM would fix these bugs already since they are making it very hard to recommend a Storm. Even with the latest beta OS adding a full screen keyboard in portrait view many users are still struggling with performance issues and bugs. I am definitely not liking this “New Reality.” On top of that Jim’s comments do not instill any confidence in future OS releases…

via WSJ via Engadget Mobile

Thanks DavidB for sending this one in!

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  1. People have been saying that eventually smartphones will be just like computers.

    Anyone seen a new release of Windows that wasn’t buggy as heck?

    Anyone seriously believe that M$ prioritizes bugfixes over planned release dates?

  2. I don’t buy that it must be this way. If RIM wanted to put out quality software, they have a past proving that they can. But the OS has been going down hill on the bugs side ever since 4.2.

  3. Everything Apple releases is beta. That hasn’t stopped iTards from thinking everything they do is the greatest most innovative thing since sliced bread.

  4. @whatever
    That is the reason I got my blackberry. Stability. Now RIM is saying instability is the new reality…

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