AT&T 3G MicroCell Details – Wireless Femtocell Mini Cell Tower – Only Works With 3G Devices

AT&T put up a nice little page detailing everything about their upcoming 3G mini cellphone tower called the MicroCell. It supports any AT&T 3G cellphone like the Bold but not the Curve or 88XX series devices. Unlike the Verizon & Sprint solutions this tower does work with data at 3G speeds but once again ONLY works with 3G so EDGE devices need not apply. This is because 2G GSM signals are hard to setup and manage due to its pulsing signal instead of the continuous 3G signals.


There is sadly no information about price and if it is a subscription but details about the device are plentiful. It can support 4 devices for both data and voice simultaneously and you can lock it down so only you can use it. It works over your DSL or Cable internet connection and you calls are handed over seamlessly from this tower to any other AT&T tower.

Check out the details on the product page

via Engadget Mobile

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  1. I’m no fan of GSM, but ATT has this right. Sprint and Verizon, WTH are you thinking? CDMA Without the EVDO data In their femtocells equals fail.

  2. I’m still laughing why no one else adopted UMA like T-Mobile. Once you leave the location of your femtocell, you are depending only on the towers again. Since I got a Wifi-berry I have discovered just how much open wifi there is around all the time. 4/5 restaurants, bar, and even dr. offices have open wifi. Also when traveling internationally my phone things it is back in the USA with no SIM switch or roaming charges. Why stick a femtocell in your home when your existing Wifi and any open Wifi will do the same?

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