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Make Sure To Check For (Employee/Student) Discounts From Carrier!

verizonemployeediscount I used to think that everybody already knew that they might get an employee discount from their carriers. That was until I mentioned it to a friend who had no clue. Turns out he got a 9% alumni discount from his college for his Verizon wireless bill!

So I thought I would mention it again. Many employers have deals with carriers to give their employees discounts on wireless service. For example, AT&T is pretty liberal with theirs and gives many companies a 5% or 6% employee discount without a fight. A friend of mine who works at one of the big four accounting firms gets 25% off his AT&T bill!

With that said I thought it would be prudent to mention these discounts again. Many companies offer them along with some colleges, associations, alumni programs and such.

You can try to check if you are eligible for a discount using the links or phone numbers below that I got from the Consumerist. Personally I think it is a better idea to just ask your HR or group representative but this can also work.

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  1. I already get %15 off of my Verizon bill and I work for the Federal Government…AND im a college student…

  2. Watch out for the huge catch
    though. ATT premiere does in
    fact take 15% of the primary line
    on your account as well as
    offering some decent discounts
    on accessories BUT check out the
    cost of a new phone. NO rebates
    and no discounts!

    I bought a BOLD yesterday and went
    to the store to do it. Why?

    Premiere Site = $417 (no rebate available)
    Regular Site = $317 (w/rebate)
    In-store = $267 ($50 discount & rebate)

    I saved $150 over the “special pricing”
    on the ATT website. I think ATT might
    be running a little scam here! Just do your

  3. I get a 12% discount with my university (Indiana University) off of my voice plan…data plans are separate. I’m not sure if we get discounts on phones…I doubt it though.

  4. Anyone know if good ‘ol Umass gets any discounts?

  5. @Caruso
    What I did is bought the phone before I applied the discount and then applied it afterwards… Best of both worlds on AT&T

  6. 20% here on Verizon. BUT, it only applies to the voice service on the primary line. Does not apply to additional lines OR Blackberry data service!

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