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FAQ: Workaround For Database Errors During A Backup

error Yesterday my brother (a fellow BlackBerry addict) asked me how to fix a problem he was having while trying to backup his BlackBerry. Every time he tried to do a full backup it would error out on the messages database and exit the backup. It was the dreaded “Error Backing Up Database” message.

Sadly there is no way I know of recovering the information stored in the database but there is an easy work around for emptying that specific database which will let you backup the rest of the BlackBerry databases. Not the most elegant of ideal solution but at least it works.

  • The way to do it is to note which database the backup had an error with.
  • You then open desktop manager if you don’t already have it open and select the Backup & Restore option.
  • Choose advanced and then wait for the progress bar
  • You then select the database you want to clear on the right hand side and click the clear button on the bottom of the page
  • You can now do a full backup again
  • If you have multiple databases with errors just rinse and repeat…

I really wish RIM would come out with a way to recover these databases. This once happened to a friend of mine with his address book and he lost everything since his last sync. (3 months of data!)

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  1. most of the time if you go to advance and select browser data cache and clear that item you should be able to do a full backup , i have to clear this one item just to a backup (v4.5, dm4.6)

  2. Are you talking about the browser in your phone or home computer, Please clarify. I get this problem too when trying to back up my phone.

    • They are referring to the BlackBerry’s Browser cache — you can either clear it from the Options menu within the handset Browser application, or you can clear the databases associated with the Browser cache within the Desktop Manager — “Browser Data Cache” and “Browser Messages” — as indicated by nah.uhh crkbry above.

  3. Clear browser data cache and browser messages from the advanced backup. You’ll be good to go everytime.

  4. Agreed. Was just going to post the same thing, that clearing out the Browser’s “Pushed Content” (which for me almost always reads as 0.7k until I clear it) does the trick. Not sure why this only recently started happening with the new OSes, but…there you have it.

  5. Thank you for the info to clear pushed content option, everyone!!! I finally got a successful backup!

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