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DreamBerry: Deleted Email Items Folder – Recover A Deleted Email

recyclingbin One of the first things I had to setup on my BlackBerry was to turn off the confirmation for deleting each email. This confirmation gets annoying when you are trying to delete your spam in the morning or quickly clean up your inbox. The problem is that sometimes it causes me to accidentally delete an email I did not intend to. This is even more so the case when my BlackBerry is going slow (for example loading a website) and you accidentally highlight the wrong email for deletion. Or I accidentally push the delete button one two many times.

Once you delete an email on your BlackBerry you are out of luck. There is no easy way to get it back. RIM even admits in a knowledge base article that they do not intend on storing this data due to space considerations. They only mention that new BES and OS 4.5 email accounts let you search your inbox remotely to recover these emails.

Personally my solution recently is to fire up the Gmail mobile application and move the item back from the trash folder but that option is not available to all. I just wish RIM would provide a sort of recycling bin for emails. That way you could store a few days of deleted emails that you can undelete or at least view. The space consideration is a bunch of crap since 1000 emails is less than 1 megabyte and they could offer this as an option you could turn off.

So I am curious. Is it possible for a developer to create an application that will delay the deletion of an email so that you have even a few minutes to recover? Or have you found another workaround? I know some of you are going to say I should turn the confirm option again but that just reminds me of the annoying Windows “Do you really really want to delete this file” prompts. That is why even they created a recycling bin.

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  1. Does that dream include the retrieval of text messages too? I’ve accidentally deleted a few that had information I needed in them. I was able to get the sender to resend them, but I’d rather not have to admit I accidentally erased it in the first place.

  2. Instructions for doing a remote search so that you can recover the deleted item from the server can be found here:

  3. Don’t know if it is possible with the APIs provided by RIM…! But I love to see more DreamBerry Blog Posts 😉

  4. Well I reckon you should opted delete on handheld, so incase you accidentally deleted the email, you could, at the least open your mail account via web and retrieve it.

  5. For text messages, I have been using TxtForward to forward my text messages and responses to an email account. It works great, especially when forwarded to a Gmail account. Gmail automatically threads the SMS conversation. For email, I wish there were an easier method but I’ve resorted to setting my Blackberry to not delete off the server, only on the handheld. Sure, it fills up my email server store but it forces me to review and clean out my mail account once a month.

  6. I’m a BES user. First, I’ve set up sync so Exchange always wins (deletes from the bbry don’t propagate to Exchange).

    Rather than delete from my bbry, I have a folder called “don’t keep”. I hit the letter ‘i’ and drop into the don’t keep folder.

    The message is then out of my way both on my bbry and in Outlook, but sticks around until my company’s automatic purge. (That’s not a folder I archive.)

    Since this is my default mode for delete, recovering is as simple as changing to the “don’t keep” folder.

    Essentially I’ve re-created the “trash can” idea.

    Now if I could just find some kind of blackberry macro software that would allow me to change the behavior of the delete key. If my delete key behavior instead moved messages to this folder for me, the solution would be exactly what the author wanted.

  7. How to recover email from dbx file? Last night it was okay but while i open this morning i found that all email’s from inbox were gone. but rest folders are alright. I only lost inbox mail.

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