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SoundOff! What Are The Best Winter BlackBerry Gloves?

Stucktopole I am originally from California so this below freezing New York weather is foreign to me even after living here for 5 years. One of the biggest problems I have is with gloves. I have a couple pairs of wool and leather gloves that are great for the cold but are impossible to use with my BlackBerry. The stitches at the top of the fingers make it impossible to hit the keys on my Bold with any accuracy. I was always forced to take off the gloves and type with my numb fingers. This was just not acceptable.

Awhile back I had read about the iTWYF (I Touch With Your Fingers) gloves back in the day which added little nubs to your fingers but have not met anybody who has them nor found any reviews online. That along with their website being impossible to navigate steered me away from them. (Though I will hit them up about a review)

I then decided to pick up some fingerless gloves from a street vendor in Manhattan but my fingers were freezing since I could never cover them. I even tried cutting off the index and pointing finger off a pair of Banana Republic gloves but that was also too cold. I then went on a mission to find the best gloves that provided both warmth and precise finger access/control.

konagloves After some serious digging I came upon some great convertible mitten/fingerless gloves on Amazon that I am currently using and appreciating. They are made by Outdoor Designs can are called the Kona Grip Convertible Gloves and are going for $36.95 with free shipping on Amazon. There are other convertible gloves out there but they are not sold directly by Amazon and I wanted to be able to return them if they did not work out.

konaglovesclosed The Kona Convertible Gloves are the best I have found for now. They have a flap that covers your fingers when you need to warm them and a Velcro strip to hold the flap in place. They also have a smaller flap for your thumb which is great. They are made out of fleece so strong winds will blow through the gloves but it has been good as long as the wind stays below 10mph or so. They claim they are wind proof but I guess that has limits. The leather palm grip is great since it holds you Berry there without slipping off the fleece. Check them out at this link.

So I have to ask. How do you use your BlackBerry in the cold? Do you just let your fingers freeze? Fingerless gloves? Convertible gloves? Or do you know of some solution or product I missed?

Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I have a pair of wool convertible gloves that I got in the hunting section of Walmart. Works very well and I can flip the thumb back too to use the Berry.

    • I have a pair similar to that, but it doesn’t have the thumb flap. If it’s not too cold, I’ll use a pair of cheap gloves, the thumbs are thin enough for me to type on my Curve. If it’s really cold and I have to send a message, I’ll use my first fingers.

  2. Might have to check that out since the tumb is the one that u tend to use the most.

  3. I’ve been on the hunt this winter for some Blackberry gloves myself. I found some similar mittens to the one’s mentioned here at Macy’s, made by Alfani and also a pair by Nautica. Same price, around 35 bucks.

  4. I Just tough it out, here in the desert area of Southern California, We recently had a pretty sever cold spell where daytime tempratures plumeted to near 65 degrees, it was tough but dont worry everyone, my nearly frostbitten fingers survived.

  5. Haha, I thought no one else was bothered by this! I live in Chicago and let’s see… last week it was -17 (-30 with wind chill). My gloves did not leave my hands. I have always worn Isotoners because they are warm, comfortable, and fitting. My biggest pet peeve about gloves is that they hinder the ability to do anything that requires dexterity.

    I have a pair like these:

    They are great, and being on my BlackBerry 24/7, they aren’t bad for typing. There is only a small stitch around each finger so you can still type with your thumbs without too much of a hassle.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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