Intellibits MegaPack – All 10 Applications For $24.99 Until Jan 31st

megapack Not sure how many of you will jump on this but Intellibits let me know that they have released a combo of all of their applications for $24.99. A pretty good deal if you consider all the different apps included. Though some of these apps are really on the fringe and are more a offline database while others are useful like the call filter and location sending apps.

You can find the MegaPack at this link until January 31st. The applications included are below:

Cerberus Call Filter

  • Do you ever need to block some incoming calls? Such as private or unknown numbers, your ex-girlfriends, your annoying boss after the work time? Or maybe everybody but your managers during a work meeting? If so, then you need Cerberus Call Filter.

WhereAreYou – GPS Location

  • Do you want to make sure that your children are always close to you when they go out at night, or maybe you need to find out where you left or lost your own device? WhereAreYou can reply to a SMS from you with the GPS coords of the device it runs on.


  • Do you like to read and learn quotes from famous people, timeless aphorisms and old sayings? Now you can bring a huge archive always in your pocket, with Quotes for BlackBerry.

SimGuard – anti-thief SMS Alerter

  • If your BlackBerry is stolen, SimGuard sends to a list of numbers an alert with the thief’s phone number, IMSI and GPS location. You can then block your device and report the theft to the police providing essential data to retrieve the thief’s identity and location.


  • Have a minute of daily fun by discovering who was born on today’s date in the past. Select any other date you want, or search a specific VIP by name. Run automatic searches on Google to find out more about VIPs you don’t know.

Worldbook – world encyclopedia

  • A mini encyclopedia about all the countries in the world. Always keep in your pocket a lot of information about each country’s background, geography, political situation, economy, people and more…taken from the official CIA World Factbook.


  • Never forget to send an important SMS again! Prepare your SMS messages (wishes, reminders for colleagues or friends) in advance, and schedule them for automatic delivery at any date & time in the future. Various types of recurrence are also supported.

Drinkbook – cocktail recipes

  • Huge archive (1000+ records) of illustrated cocktail recipe, with ingredients and directions. The archive is fully searchable, and you can find cocktails with a specific name, or find all cocktails that contains a list of ingredients.

EnglishWords dictionary

  • Having an English dictionary always with you can come in very handy to avoid common misspellings and enrich your language. EnglishWords is an easy-to-use dictionary with more than 175,000 terms that you can keep in your pocket!

Zipbook – USA ZIP codes

  • Zipbook is a searchable archive of all USA ZIP codes. It offers a powerful search, it’s immediate and fast to use, and it gives you a lot of details about any ZIP code. You can bring it with you in your pocket, and it requires no Internet connection.

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