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Try To Get T-Mobile To Give You MyFaves For Free?

myfaves TmoNews is reporting that some customers are having some luck getting T-Mobile to give them MyFaves for free. MyFaves is T-Mobiles plan that gives you free calls to 5 numbers of your choice. It usually costs $10 as an add-on and cannot be added to older grandfathered plans which annoys many.

From the reports coming back it looks like T-Mobile is offering the MyFaves feature free as part of their retention plan to keep customers. Many people are either just asking for it or saying they want to cancel and get it added. This is in no way a easy thing to do but if you have a bargain minded shopper attitude you may want to try it out.

More details at TmoNews

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  1. Worked fine for me. Didn’t ask to cancel, just told them where I saw the info (when they asked how I heard about the free MyFaves offer). The first rep did have to put me on hold because he didn’t know about the offer.

    I was already in a two year contract, that started about Aug/Sept of 08, they just topped it off to an even two years, rather than adding a year or another two years.

    I was even surprised later to find out they back dated MyFaves to the start of my billing period and the numbers I had added to the myfave, those calls got deducted from the call tally, from 300 some odd mins used, down to 32 mins used. Very Nice!

  2. I got TMO to add myfaves for no additional charge by agreeing to a new 2 year contract. I know there are some people who got the add-on without contract, but I got a very friendly and helpful representative and didn’t want to bother bickering about getting the add-on with no extension. I’ve been a TMO customer for the past 8 years and I don’t really mind the new 2-year contract because I don’t plan on leaving TMO…

    steps are easy…

    1) call 611
    2) say “cancel” as this will transfer you to the retention dept.
    3) Tell the rep that you heard about a promotion on adding myfaves for free for long-time, good-standing customers.
    4) agree to the 2-years
    5) DONE!

  3. Yea this also worked for me. I was able to put it on my 2 lines

  4. I did it… got 500 minutes back, and can now lower my plan to save even more!

  5. Well I got a rep who said they have been bombarded with calls about this being mentioned on the Web. She was willing to added to one of my 3 lines and only with a new 2-year contract. I told her I wasn’t interested in a new contract, and she didn’t want to budge.

    Question? Does it really matter if I top-off my existing contact to another 2 years if I will likely have to do so anyway to get the new Curve 8900 when it comes out?

    • Nikolaus, if you know you’re going to get the curve 8900 coming February, it really wouldn’t hurt you to add the myfaves now as the promotion is still active. I asked my rep if extending the 2 year contract would affect my upgrade eligibility and she said “no”.

      If you’re near or out of contract, you should be eligible for a full discounted upgrade (best price on the 8900).

      However, if you’re out of contract and want to leverage your contract by getting an even better discount and you’re comfortable with haggling over the phone, I suggest you let your plan as is and wait until the 8900 comes out.

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