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SkyDeck Out Of Beta – Syncs Calls, Contacts, Texts, & Voicemail

sendafix001We mentioned SkyDeck a bit back when it first released its beta. It originally took data from your phone bill and created a mapped social network out of it for you. It was pretty cool since it gave you a great interface for understanding who you are talking to.

New features include:

  • Make low cost calls from your computer using your cellphone number
  • Read your voicemail – Your voicemails are transcribed and sent to you as texts or emails. You’ll never waste time in a voicemail menu again.
  • Manage phone calls like email – Search, sort, read, reply, forward, tag, and archive all your text messages, voicemails, and your call notes, the same way you manage your email. Keep track of all your conversations with clients and friends.
  • Read all of your text messages online and use your computer keyboard to reply.
  • SkyDeck knows when a caller hangs up without reaching your voicemail and looks up the phone number for you.
  • Your cell phone address book is the most important one you have and SkyDeck brings it to the web. Skydeck puts your most important contacts first, so that your favorites are always on page one. New numbers that you call are added automatically. And if you invite your friends to Skydeck you can keep each other’s address books up to date.
  • Skydeck knows which of your connections are important to you, and whom you’ve been neglecting. If you share your network, Skydeck can show you the best person to ask for an introduction to someone that you’d like to meet. And you can call your Skydeck connections on their cell phones at no extra charge.
  • Manage all of your business relationships with Skydeck. Keep notes on every call. Follow up on every message. Figure out which clients you need to call next and who never calls you back. Track billable hours and export data into other services like FreshBooks.
  • Left your cell phone at home? No signal? Battery dead? No problem. Every call goes to and you can return them from the web. Lost your phone? All your contacts and important messages are backed up on Skydeck.
  • Check your voicemail, make calls, and reply to texts online for a fraction of the cost of international roaming.


They just got out of beta and now has a monthly fee for the extra features but they have added a ton of features to make up for it. Details are still pretty skim since there seem to be three different plans for them now listed below. It looks like they are using the SpinVox backend for their voicemail and transcription services but they are offering a pretty good deal all things considered.

Demo – $0

  • No calling, No voicemail, No transcription
  • Manage your contacts and connect to friends on Skydeck.

Basic – $9.95

  • All Features but Pay As You Go
  • Enjoy all the features of Skydeck and make unlimited calls to your Skydeck Connections on their cell phones.
  • Call any other number in the US for just 3¢ per minute and get all of your voicemails transcribed for 20¢ each.

Max – $29.95

  • All Features Unlimited
  • Best Value! Get all the features of Skydeck, including unlimited contacts, unlimited US domestic calling and text messaging, voicemail and transcription, for one flat rate.

Check it all out at and let me know what you think. I will definitely be trying this out!

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  1. This is kinda cook but what I really want is a way to back up and edit my contacts in the Internet OR a PC app that has all of the fields of the BB address book and ideally it will be free or at least low cost. Ideally I can import/export the info to/from more than one phone. Anyone know anything like this? The closest I’ve found is Amber Blackberry. Thanks.

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