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HOT! 9500 & 9530 OS Found Online! GSM & CDMA Storms

foundonlineI was just finishing a scrumptious El Gaucho Argentinean Steak when Double Agent Anonymous sent me links to OS for the 9500 & 9530 that they put online. No idea what is new in these but I am sure somebody will report back in the comments.

9500 Storm link:

9530 Storm link:

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. i’m downloading and will test 9530 soon

  2. Someone release a new bold OS…….PLEASE

  3. Word is that Bold OS is coming soon but I cannot promise anything 🙂

  4. Just got done upgrading and so far the phone seems a bit quicker and more responsive than .85 or .86 were. The upgrade seemed to take longer than previous versions. I haven’t been able to put it through its paces yet but so far, things seem pretty solid with the basic functions (phone, browser, messenger…)

  5. My phone has failed several times, keep rebooting…still waiting to come up

  6. when installing the OS download it says its 4.7. but no indication it is .90

  7. Love it love it love it! Great improvements!

  8. Full keyboard in portrait mode? Wow!

  9. [email protected] full keyboard in portrait mode! that is awesome! now what iphone?

    i love my storm

  10. Works GREAT, much faster and the camera is only taking 3 second now (although still a bit slow) I havent seen this new keyboard but I havent checked the settings yet. Just feels better, well worth the upgrade (unlike .86)

  11. @Charlie:
    What you downloaded should be a .exe. You need to find where it went on your computer and “run” it. THEN, when you run DM it should offer to upgrade to the newly found OS. There are dozens of sites and tutorials how to upgrade a Blackberry OS, I suggest you Google for them.

  12. Camera dosnt work, The Camera program starts, when i go to take a picture, the auto Focus box comes up, then i push to take the picture, screen goes black for a split second as it normally would taking a picture, then goes back to the normal camera mode without saving any picture.
    Camera wont save pictures to device memory.
    i havent tried with a SD card.

    • After playing with the Camera more, but now i have found the cause of it. It still messed up, it only saves pictures if the room is Dark and the Flash is used. in a light room when the flash is not used, thats when it dosnt save.

      i have tested this several times now, Always falls under what i just said, room brightness, Flash saves pictuers, No flash , pictures dont save

  13. i get similar results. sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. definitely a bug.


  14. Awesome, I can’t wait to try this out.

    The issue with the camera that you guys mentioned seems pretty crumby but if this update solves that stupid issue where after taking my phone off of the charger at night the green light doesn’t stop flashing or the fact that ‘bedside mode’ doesn’t work – I think it’ll be worth the trade off.

    I’ll keep you guys posted.


  15. Also, quick question:

    Does this solve the issue where upon shooting a video longer than 30 seconds the phone would freeze?

  16. @sgt-d:
    No wifi on usa Storm’s.

    My 9530 camera takes pics with or without flash, dark or light room. Saves to SD fine. Haven’t tried main memory.

    Anyone know how to unhide a picture once hidden? Doesn’t show up in mass storage mode either (Vista Ultimate).

  17. Device does seem to be improved, although I was a little sad to see that the icon for the application centre was changed back to the original version.

    My camera seems to be taking pictures fine, although every once and a while they won’t save. Not too huge a deal.

    I’ll report after the night about the issue with the flashing green light remaining on!

  18. Good:
    -Incredibly fast
    -Menu Navigation is smooth
    -Camera seems Faster and smoother upon rotation
    -Rotation is smoother
    -Compressed keyboard in portrait

    -Random restarts at least 4 times daily for me even if i have no programs running besides standard blackberry apps.
    -Media card glitch upon boot is still there but happens much less

    This release is looking AWESOME and very close to official. But they really need to iron out the restart issue.

  19. I just noticed the issue with the camera. It does save to my memory card but it wont save to a created folder is my issue. other than that it works fine.

    Other issue i have is when typing in a field of a web page, in portrait i can only use the muti tap keyboard and full keyboard. my suretype wont load.

    havent had any other problems yet.

  20. My Voice Mail password cannot be entered. There are only a few numbers there if I dial from contacts too. Is anyone having this issue?

  21. i have problems with my battery… the bb gets like hot and then says “low battery” :-S how can i do a downgrade?? Somebodu help me!

    [email protected]



    My BB Storm 9500 doesnt turn on!!

    i have installed .90 yesterday and it works nice, today i have problems with the battery, and now when i just put off the battery and put in, it says “unable to reset” and DOES NOT START!!!!

    🙁 I WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!


    [email protected]


  24. Dude, you downgrade OS the same way you upgrade. Uninstall the os from your pc, install on older os, run DM and “upgrade” to the older OS. Though I doubt .90 has anything to do with your battery prob.

  25. Can Someone tell me why is .90 sooooo Coool?
    Uninstalling and reinstaling it resolve a few of my issues. Been running all day, no issues. I played the Media Player all day also, very stable. I’ll keep you posted.

  26. Link to OS for 9500 not workin, can someone upload to other serwer?

  27. New Link for STORM Firmware please!!!

  28. Link for STORM 9500 is broken!!!
    please reload this firmware..

  29. Has anyone noticed if this helped their Storm’s batt life? I was told upgrading from my stock OS to one of these newer ones may help my somewhat short batt life, thz!

  30. @Rick,
    I find battery life sucks across the board but I come from a 7100i with high capacity battery that would go three full days between charges. I wouldn’t run .90 though, I find .109 superior in all aspects and the “best” build to date IMHO.

  31. so far so good 9530

  32. Hey Adam, if you’re just now installing .90, seriously, take the time to seek out .141. The difference is amazing.

  33. Is anyone using the 9530 with Tmobile? Are you able to get 3g data services? Any problems with the phone and tmobile service?

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