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Another Chance To Get Out Of Sprint Contract ETF Free Until January 31st

sprintlogo Sprint once again decided to raise their administrative fee from 75 cents to 99 cents. This is after they raised it to 75 cents in the first place back in November. This gives you another valid excuse to get out of your Sprint contract ETF free until January 31st according to Gizmodo.

This on top of the current class action ETF settlement we told you about before is just starting to look bad for Sprint…

You should be able to contact Sprint customer service over the phone or chat and try to get a rep to cancel the account. Keep in mind a friend of mine did this and he had to either cancel the whole account or nothing. You cannot just cancel one line on the account. More details can also be found at the BoyGenius Report.

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  1. From all the negative comments going around about Sprint one would assume that they must provide poor service?? I have been using cell phones since 1993. I have fulfilled contracts with Nextel, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T and tried Cricket. I for one do not understand why there are so many Sprint-bashers out there. I live in the Portland Oregon area and through trial and error have found Sprint to offer the best coverage, best pricing and improving customer service. Regarding dropped calls, from most to least my list would be: AT&T (definitely the worst),T-Mobile, Cricket, Nextel, Verizon and then Sprint. Sprint unquestionably has the best price plans. I am a huge fan of Blackberry devices and am typing this with my 8330 Curve. I bought and returned the Bold to AT&T. The phone was THE BEST phone I have used but the phone ($399) and the plan pricing combined with the high dropped calls soured the deal. I returned to Sprint and am awaiting the new Blackberry (Niagara?). Sorry for the long meandering dissertaton here, but I wanted the people who haven’t tried Sprint to know that there are very happy Sprint users out there. BTW I do have the 3G iPhone. I only use it for calls once in a while. The last call I placed on my iPhone was to one of my customers and yes, the call dropped. Yet, it’s great for entertainment.

  2. @radcloser
    The numbers speak for themselves. They might not have the worst service but they are hemorrhaging customers and money. Are they leaving because of the great service? What I am saying is that Sprint needs to find a solution and the solution is not adding a 25 cent extra administrative charge every few months or raising text messaging fees.

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