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Shazam Music Recognition App Coming To BlackBerry

shazam RIM recently sponsored a major music industry conference in Cannes and Jim Balsillie dropped the fact that Shazam is coming to BlackBerry in the next few weeks. This new app is a music recognition service that will let you know what song is playing. Some carriers already offer this kind of service over a phone call but hopefully this will be an app with a much lower price point.

It looks like RIM is trying to really take a piece of the mobile music pie away from Apple and their iPod/iPhone. Shazam along with Slacker and a bunch of other services such as Flycast might just help them do so. Now if only they could get Pandora…

via Boston Globe & MocoNews

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  1. that’s great! I’ve been waiting for this to come to a blackberry since I saw it on the iphone

  2. I am been wondering when RIM was going to get this my old Sony PDA had it.. that’s yrs ago.

  3. just got my bold last week and it has “music ID” powered by shazam installed on it. Is this new?

  4. It’s unlikely this will be put on VZW BB’s (but hopefully you will still be able to install it yoirself) as they are working on porting over VCast SongID which is hokled into their VCast Rhapsody service.

  5. Yaay! We just used the crap out of Shazam on my friends iPhone and it almost made me kinda sad I went for a BB storm

  6. Well….WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. If you have the Blackberry Bold with AT&T you already have it

    under AT&T Music > MusicID

    If you have a different phone who knows when or if it will come out.

  8. Where is it for the rest of us? I am on verizon…It has been more than a few weeks. Why did they blurt out such a specific time frame with no intention of delivering on that promise. I hate that.

    • In all likeyhood this will not work on a VZW BB anyway as they are in the process or porting over their own VCast SongID application which does the same thing.

      • Ok, so basically it is totally irrelevant that shazam is (never) going to come to blackberry because AT&T/T-Mobile users already have it and Verizon users won’t be able to use it since they want to peddle their own crap. Gee…makes no sense to me either. If anyone can ACTUALLY answer this question and not avoid it with work-arounds and alternatives, I would be greatly appreciative. If not, I’d prefer you simply not reply at all.

  9. Will it be available for the vodafone storm? Please say yes.

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