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Premium ‘Droidy’ Today Theme for the 8300 & 8800 – Enter a Giveaway!

Scott over at SXNThemes.Com has just designed his version of a Google Android theme called ‘Droidy‘ in response to several requests for an Android theme for 8300 & 8800 Blackberry devices. Available for those devices running OS 4.2 & higher, Droidy features the scenic blue lake background and square, ‘iphonish’ colorful icons. It’s a ‘today’ style theme with ‘messages’ and ‘calendar’ listings and 3 user customizable icons on the bottom right of the main screen. I don’t have the Curve or 8800 to test this theme on but going by screen shots it looks like it has the bottom tab which seems to give access to the application screen. Overall, this is a very attractive theme and the price at $4.00 is very reasonable. If you’re a Google Android fan, you are gonna love this theme.

Contest: SNX Themes is being extra generous by offering a special giveaway to our readers! All you have to do is give us (in the comments section of this post) your suggestion for a new theme idea for SXN Themes and the 10 best suggestions will get the Droidy theme for free! (Keep in mind it’s currently available for 8300 & 8800 devices.) Contest ends this weekend so put your thinking caps on and have fun!


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  1. A Palm PRE theme! It’s not even out yet, so it’d definitely be a fresh theme.

  2. I would love to see a theme based on a rotary dial from an old phone it would be great to dial the numbers that ways for the phone screen.

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  3. I’m not good at this stuff, but how about one inspired by the secret service (it doesn’t have to have actual people in it), since I’m watching the Inauguration right now.

  4. It would also be cool to have a theme based on an ATM ( or BANK MACHINE?), maybe also a theme based on an OLD Style Telephone Rotary Dial, this would be cool on the Storm so you could dial your numbers using the rotary dialer

  5. What about a Microsoft Zune theme.

  6. I think a theme based on Windows 7 (currently in beta) would be a great addition.

  7. Awful theme.

  8. awesome clean theme. a today plus with calendar only would be perfect for me

  9. A retro theme would be pretty sweet, new icons a dark background with black designs, sirt of grungy looking. For those punk rockers out there lol

  10. I ordered this and when I tried to download from my BB, I could not. Got an error that it couldn’t confirm my download code.

    I clicked on the link that was in the order email that they sent to me. I’ve emailed support : hope to hear from them soon.

    Just an FYI for those of you thinking about buying it.

    • Hi Kris, I have worked with the theme designer personally and he is very easy to deal with. I’m sure you will hear back from him soon. I will also send him a private email mentioning your situation.

  11. I think Samsung Omnia i910 theme would be nice for the Blackberry Storm or the new Windows mobile theme called Windows Mobile IU. I think anyone or even both would be nice.

  12. How about region/location specific themes (such as landmarks in London, NYC, Los Angeles, Tokyo, etc.)?

  13. hey,

    how about a nice Windows 7 theme? and incorporate the new task bar and aero look?

    that will be a good one

  14. An Art theme based on modern and historic art and artists.

  15. How about a linux based theme?

  16. I would like to see an “Evening” theme. Professional look. Greyish blues, dark deep blackish purples Simple background. Low Key buttons. But in a Today Theme. Would look very good in a professional setting. The battery and signal icons transparent except for the outline. Understated, but clean and crisp.Monochromatic icons to not detract from the theme.

  17. What about a theme based on the NFL? Non team specific.

  18. What about an Xbox 360 theme?

  19. I love DavidH’s idea.

  20. I think a theme based off htc phone would be pretty nice with a big digital clock and weather on the home screen.

  21. Hi!incredible theme!
    But could u make the time characters a little bigger?
    I’d like a theme which is simplicity,and do u think a PS3 or PSP theme a creative?

  22. Hi Guys, Im Scott from, Thanks for all the input and suggestions. We thrive to build themes for the people making your blackberry just a little bit sexier!


    Hi Kris, Ive emailed you back with a few different scenarios that could have corrupted your download link, Email me back and let me know, we’ll have this squared away in no time 🙂

  23. What about a MotoGP / SBK / AMA theme? (Pro Motocycle Racing)

    Or the X-Games?

    Or a theme based on the various United States Armed Forces Special Forces, like Army SF, Army Ranger, Delta Force, Force Recon, Navy SEALS, Navy SeaBees, AirForce ParaRescue? (Like rotating different pictures of each with icons of each?)

  24. I would like to see a theme based more on color content than a specific topic (ie, NASCAR, PS3, etc..) Just vibrant colors maybe with the 5 staggered icon Zen style like the Surreal Theme. Because when u add 3rd party apps, a lot of their icons stand out way too much against those iPhonish and very specific themes. Makes 3rd party apps look out of place!

  25. I would be interested in a world map theme. Icons could be the shape of different country’s. A world map wallpaper, maybe even animated with the oceans making waves.


  26. Id like to see a today plus theme with message and calendar on home page, in a ‘Planet Earth” theme. clean,fresh and hopefully makes us all feel like pitching in and joining together to save the Earth. We are all in this together, Im not really the tree hugger type, but love the tv show Planet Earth and love nature.

  27. On the flipside of my last post, I would also like to see a cool 80s hair metal rockin theme in the today plus style.
    Heavy Metal!

  28. How about a today theme with no icons or words and a slick background. When you have a new message or new calendar item is when something appears on screen. Icons can just be accessed through the seven berries button.

  29. So cool and simple

  30. good looking theme, but i would like to see a clean screen. and make the icons slide in and out of the main screen, otherwise it looks great.

  31. a SHEPARD FAIREY art style theme.

  32. I would love to see a nice patriotic theme!!

  33. A tattoo style theme would be nice. Each icon could be a different similar tattoo. Idk a loose idea but if done right I’d be glad to buy it.

  34. Love this theme… I have an idea for something new, I’ve posted this idea before but here goes, an XBox NXE-esque theme.. if you have a 360 you know what I mean. the way the menu’s are would be nice to have as a Blackberry theme… not sure if it can be done but with Composer I’m sure there could be something that comes pretty close to it…

  35. how about L theme with customable icon & the pic is President Barrack Obama in the couch holding his blackberry, when entering the menu on the top show slogan “yes we can”

  36. I see a lot ot ideas…

    It would be cool to have new Palm Pre theme…

    Also you could make theme based on now outdated and legendary Amiga OS. Icons and there stuff. You could also make some retro wall that would go with theme, like with some pixelated game screenshot. Now that you can enable animation in theme would be cool that this wall would be animated, bit with simple animation like laser beam goes from gun…

  37. How about a fast and the furious theme. Ferrari

  38. It’s a nice theme. but one thing I don’t buy it: why iphonic icons? Is it your personal preferance or you are lacking of liscenced icons available to use? I thought it supposed to be an android inspired theme. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be mean to the iphone, I just want a theme with sheer droid vibes.

    Plus except for the dialogue box and fonts need some more GUI editing, the whole concept is quite neat.

  39. Nice them. How about a Leonardo DaVinci theme? Or one based on the art of Dali?

  40. How about a Superbowl theme, a couple of them, one would be Special Edition Super bowl 43. Then A Superbowl edition of the Steelers and another of the Cardinals. so it would be 3 different theme

  41. Have no luck, i dont win this theme 😀

  42. I’ve always wanted someone to make a car dashboard theme! Analog gauges with needles, small LED indicators on the buttons for SMS/Email, buttons that look like a car stereo. I would use blue lights and brushed aluminum backgrounds. I think it would appeal to a large group of people. Just my 2 cents.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  43. if you can make it clean desktop with no icons on it, clean. everything else looks great. make one without any messages or calender icons just clean. that be a nice addition.

  44. How about a nice pseudo-OSX theme based on the iMac Sticker icons by David Lanham? Any of Lanham’s work would be sweet as a BB theme.

  45. Two ideas:

    1. Classic Dr. Who type theme, maybe the interior of the TARDIS

    2. mid 90’s era power mac desktop

  46. Hoa about a Football theme??
    You have icons like football and when u select an icon, it kinsa hit the goal post & opens the apps against the backdrop of the goalpost & may be with some audio of crowd cheers!!!!

  47. I think that he should make like a windows mobile type theme with that today screen that they have because from the home screen on those things, you can do whatever you want…i personally think that would be amazing!!!

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