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Free LogMaid Application – Automatically Deletes Your BlackBerry Diagnostics Log To Free Memory

Since the first person discovered that they could view their BlackBerry device log people have been trying to delete it to free some precious memory. You can view your device log by going to the home screen and clicking ALT+LGLG you can then clear your log manually and free a few precious kilobytes. Some people thought that by hiding certain items from the log it actually does not log them but in truth it just hides them.

Clearing your log manually can be a pain so when Tashanna let me know that Phrehnck created an application to do it automatically in the background I was excited! The best part is that the application is free! It auto runs on startup and continues to run every hour to delete your logs. There is no application icon and it does not show up in the running application list. You can check to make sure it is running by seeing if your log has entries older than an hour.

I guess all of the OCD log deleters can now get some rest!

You can pick up the app OTA at this link


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  1. Anyone know how to view log on Storm?

  2. Clearing your log file wont free up memory. And since you are running an app, its likely you will lose memory.

  3. So far as I’ve seen the most effective memoery freeing tool is Areize Optimizer.

  4. Not to sure if it really frees up memory?
    I use memory up, It defrags your blackberry just like your home computer. You can watch it defrag and when its done memory up shows you what you got back.
    Memory up is a great app.

  5. Cleaning your log file *will* free up some memory space. If I let mine go for a week and then delete, I can free up to 1meg according to the status option.

  6. @ Sith_Apprentice, you’d be surprised at how much it does clean. And, considering it’s only 1kb (that’s pretty small, Aerize Email whatever, is like 34kb), and that’s pretty small, it’s got to be a net loss for your bb.

  7. Why wouldn’t you just use the Alt-LGLG trick? Less memory used than an app you have to install. And if I forget how to do it, I can google it or just put a note in the Notes app on the steps. Not like it’s rocket science. Unless I am missing something that this does, which the Alt-LGLG trick does *not* do…?

  8. How does one enter ALT-LGLG on a Storm???

    • To do it on a BlackBerry Storm, at the home screen choose the menu and show keyboard. Flip the phone into landscape view and hold down and lock the number view. then press */*/ or /*/* (cant remember which one. That will display your log and let you delete it.

  9. Hi, I found while troubleshooting Viigo that the Event Log on the Storm is accessed by:
    1. Home screen
    2. Phone in Landscape (will work in Portrait but only if you have enabled QWERTY, not SureTouch or MultiTouch)
    3. hit blackberry button and “Show Keyboard”
    4. Press and hold !?123 key until it “locks”
    5. Type “/”/ (quote slash quote slash)

  10. I’m with Sith. It’s a cute exercise, but there’s no point taking up application memory with an app designed to free up space–particularly with an app that runs in the background, with no convenient way to manually initiate or terminate the process and which gives no indication of the amount of resources he process itself is consuming. If you’re in such dire straits that you need the 800k occupied by an event log, “/”/ is the better option.

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