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3Jam SuperText – Threaded SMS App For BlackBerry

Many old Palm users miss their threaded SMS on their new BlackBerrys. They find that RIM’s implementation is just not as good as the IM-like look they used to have. 3jam hopes to fix that issue with SuperText. It essentially turns SMS into an IM client by threading your SMS.

You can read more about the application at this link or download it OTA at After the 7 day trial the app is $19.99.

NOTE: This is different from the 3Jam online SMS client which requires you to buy SMS credits. I asked 3Jam about it and they told me that their BlackBerry app simply works with your regular SMS by organizing all incoming and outgoing SMS’s into a nice, threaded interface. Nothing else changes. No need to buy credits, no need to have friends sign up, etc. The 3jam Desktop App (SuperText), however, let’s you send and receive messages for free from your computer. We may build in this functionality into the Blackberry app down the road.

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I love the feature set:


  • The 3jam Threaded SMS app was designed to be super fast, with no-handed access to reading incoming messages. Replies are always only one click away!Just think of the number of clicks and scrolls you go through now in order to read and reply to a new text message, and you’ll never go back to your Blackberry messaging client again!


  • Finally, you can experience true threaded SMS on your Blackberry. Conversation lists are sorted by sender instead of a simple listing of all your messages.Best of all, messages are stored in a separate database so you’ll never lose messages to the Blackberry’s “auto-delete” function again! You can even export conversations to email to save space!


  • In addition to 1-to-1 messaging, U.S. Blackberry users have the option to pick recipients from your Blackberry’s address book and start a group conversation!It’s easy and useful! Your friends don’t need the Blackberry application nor do they have to have signed up on All they need is any SMS-enabled mobile phone to reply!


  • In the scrolling IM view, incoming messages automatically show up in the conversation thread!


  • You get to decide if you want to show senders and most recent messages on one line or two.


  • The app requires no data connection and major features can be easily changed to your liking!
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  1. When I go to the OTA link on my BlackBerry browser, the only option I’m given is a program called ReplayAllSMS, which doesn’t seem to be the same program. What am I missing?

  2. Its the same app. Not sure why it is named that

    • ReplyAll was its original name and it appears to be of value “only” if you are texting multiple recipients.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The Threaded SMS app was built on the original 3jam Reply-All conversation starter app, which is why the name was carried over from the legacy application.

      We’ll change the name in the next version. Thanks!

  3. What about those of us that beta tested for you from from PinStack and other forums?

    Anywho I am soo glad to see this finally released. Great must have app. I can’t live without it.


  4. Same question about the beta testers. And this app is good.

  5. Is there a way to turn off notification of a new SMS by the native BB SMS app? It’s a hassle to check the SMS in SuperText and then have to check your SMS inbox also to clear the LED / icon notifications.

    • Hi stranjal7 and other beta testers,

      if you provided feedback or contacted us previously regarding the beta app, please e-mail us a [email protected]. Thanks!


      Unfortunately, there is currently no way for 3rd party applications to access the native SMS application or icons. We’re trying to work with RIM to get access to these internal APIs.

      However, you’ll find that you won’t have to access the native SMS application nor pay attention to the native SMS icon any longer because all incoming SMS messages are shown in the pop up as they come in. Because all messages are archived in the app and won’t be automatically deleted by the Blackberry, you won’t have to worry about the BB deleting your older SMS messages as well!

    • Jason, if I am not mistaken, (since you will solely be relying on 3jam’s notification) the native BB icon notification can be turned off manually by you.

      In the BB SMS app, go to Options, then General Options; under Display Message Count, select “None”

      Let me know if this helps/works—I am dying to try 3jam’s app.

      • I was looking at the settings on my BB and I believe the SMS and mail settings are combined. So, if you set the General Options>>Display Message Count to None, it will not display message count for any incoming messages, SMS or mail.

        This is a problem with the BB. It tries to use the same client for mail and SMS, where other devices have them divided. My wife has an iPhone, which has threaded SMS and she can’t stand how SMS works on the BB.

  6. working

  7. I like this app a lot.

    I’m hoping that if I purchase the program it won’t force me to look at an ad for 3jam sms everytime I send a msg out.

    Also, because I live in Canada, the group messaging doesn’t work. I would like it not to default to that option everytime I send out a group txt.

    Finally, it would be nice to be able to change the colours of the app. The default colours of the app lack contrast, its hard to see which records you are highlighting.

    I will probably buy this but I’d like to know that there are improvements coming.

  8. Has anyone found another app/program option for the SMS threading similar to the Treo. I have checked out 3jam, but would like to know if I have other options before making a purchase.


    • I would definitely NOT buy this product if you expect anything by way of support. I paid the $19.99 but the code they sent me was invalid. I had made at least a dozen inquiries by phone, sms and email to them, NO RESPONSE! NONE! Try contacting them first before you buy and see what happens. Good luck.

      • Hi Mark, we’d be happy to help you with your registration code. Please note that the 0’s in the code are zeroes and not the uppercase letter ‘O’.

        Please e-mail us at [email protected] with the e-mail you signed up with (if you purchased from the 3jam website) or your Paypal email account (if you purchased from BlackBerry app world).


  9. Nice try 3 Jam, more false promises. Still not a single contact to help. No code, no product. This is a SCAM.

  10. Hi Mark,

    I’m not sure why our emails aren’t getting to you but I’ve emailed you your code from my personal email account. Please let me know if you get the email.


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