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SMSLink – Send SMS From Your Mac Or PC Through Your BlackBerry Using Bluetooth

Sara sent in a slick looking application called SMSLink. SMSLink is a simple application that lets you send SMS (Text Messages) through your BlackBerry from your PC or Mac. This is done over Bluetooth which is why it works with a PC and Mac. The app is relatively cheap at $8.95 and works with OS 4.2.1+ devices. Sadly there is no free trial so there is no way to try before you buy…

For both a PC and Mac you need to use Bluetooth and Java to connect. More info about requirements at this link. Nothing else to really spell out other than the screenshots below.

Check out SMSLink product page at R10Software

Start SMSLink Connecting SMSLinkDisconnect SMSLink 

multiple-tabs send-new-message

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  1. I’ve been using this nifty little app for a few days now. I’m really impressed by how light it is and easy to use! Saves having to check whenever my BB buzzes and makes replying a sinch.

  2. Be careful.. just tried to order it, it accepted my payment but then linked me to a site ( that doesn’t respond. No way to download the application. I’ll post again if the situation is corrected.

  3. Download problem resolved via email. I get an uncaught exception on my berry when I start the app though.

  4. Purchased this nifty app, had the same issue as the above comment, was also resolved via e-mail.

    Now i’m having an issue that i can not send messages from the App, i can receive them fine. Support has been more then helpful. I’m waiting for their reply now on this issue.

  5. Too bad it doesn’t work, that would be nice to have

  6. I can only receive and can’t send..
    btw the app error you’re receiving is most likley because you have another sms product working in the background (peekawho or txtforward) I was getting null errors when connecting. I uninstalled and tested. It doesn’t seem to be friendly with those apps.

  7. I find a similar software – Quicker SMS for BlackBerry – this software let you sending out many SMS on your PC and also receiving SMS(only work on OS4.1) or show notification for new SMS on the main screen of your phone.

    In trial version, some ad words is appended to the end of eversy SMS. If you want to send SMS to your many friends or just want to type your SMS on your PC keyboard, this software is very useful for you.

    You can find it on

  8. Will this work with PIN messaging or is there one that will??

  9. I found SMSLink unusable. Although I had JRE properly configured, it wouldn’t run and when I finally managed to get it running, I found it basic and subfunctional for typical PC Desktop needs. I still can’t get it to actually make the link with either my PC (using really common Widcomm Bluetooth drivers) or my Dell laptop. I wasted my money frankly, and really resented having to pay first to find that out. If I’d had a chance to try before paying, then I would never have done so, maybe that’s the business model. Stay clear, stay well clear!

  10. What they don’t tell you is that it ony works on pre 4.5 os.
    The guy took the money and ran. stay clear from this scam.
    Berryreview should update explaining instead of promoting these scammers

  11. Does anybody know if SMSLink will enable the Kenwood DNX8120 SMS via Bluetooth to work with the Blackberry phone? If not, perhaps SMSLink could be modified to do so.

  12. please give brief also how to use

  13. Purchased and downloaded before seeing these comments. Doesn’t work on the 8220 and just hangs the phone dead…cheap but worthless. Don’t buy.

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