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Free Weather App By Gergely Gati Extends BlackBerry Support

weather[4]I wanted to begin this article by saying thanks to Gergely for his useful weather app. When I first mentioned Gergely Gati’s weather app back in December I got a lot of flack about it not supporting every BlackBerry device. It did work like a charm on my Bold but I guess there were some issues that needed to be ironed out with other devices. Instead of telling us all to take a long walk off a short plank Gergely worked hard to fix the issue and also let us know in the comments that those having problems might want to try the new version in the 240 resolution (Link).

Reports about the new version seem to be positive. Phred from Boston also let me know that he worked with Gergely to help iron out some of the bugs on his 8310 that stopped it from working. I also see on the forums that user Carboss says it now works on his CDMA 8330.

NOTE: If you run into any problems with this new version let us know in the comments and we will do our best to let Gergely know. Please be kind, descriptive, and constructive.

You can find the Weather App on the developers site at this link. OTA install is available at this link: Just make sure to select the right Jar file for the size of your screen. The 320 version works like a charm on my Bold. Gergely recommends trying the 240 version if the 320 version does not work on your device.

Change log for Weather v1.1.18 @ 01/12/2009 08:43 PM

  • The Blackberry issue fixed thanks to Phred from Boston
  • Added menu based navigation for phones without keyboard
  • Error message display when exception occurs
  • Sound signal when update completed

Thanks again for the great application Gergely!

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  1. Can’t download for some reason.. I am using the Bold right now and tried the 320 and the 240. I get the same error message for both “907 Invalid JAR
    HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large” anyone got any ideas?

  2. pretty solid at first try. i would like to see the icon be the current weather for your default city like weatherEye as well as something further out than just today’s and tomorrow’s weather. A 3 day – 5 day would be great.

  3. His weather and clock apps work fine on my 8830 but I sure would like to see some 9530 love!

  4. Working great for me! I like it better than Weathereye

  5. This works nicely on my 8330. Now if it just had weather alerts like WeatherBug, this would be my only WX application.

  6. I dl’ed this to my vzn 8830 running In the first iteration there were some problems but Gergely Gati took the time to work on it.

    I dl’ed the newer version and really like it.

    The only complaint I have is that when I start it up, if I haven’t run it in a while, I get a screen asking if I give permission to access the website. I have gone thru my permissions and set it to allow, but I still get the request.

    Other than that, I like and use the app.

  7. I just installed it to my cmda 8130 pearl and looks (GREAT) but after i had it up and running I get a ERROR: time out?
    I did install the right app as it was the 240 jad OTA

    I started it up again and it works for now, will post if i get this ERROR again.

    PS: This app Rocks….Like it better then the weathereye.

  8. This is a pretty nice weather app, but I miss a dynamic weather icon like WeatherEye and WeatherBug Direct have. Speaking of the latter, I loaded it on my 8830 today running 4.5 and was impressed with the changes they had made since I ran it back in mid 08. It’s really customizable and I love the temp icon and foreast icon setup.

    • Thanks for suggestion – currently I don’t know what is the dynamic icon (I have no BB device and basically it’s a general java app) but I’ll make a little research 🙂

      • Greg, the dynamic icon, is pretty much an icon of the app, that updates itself based on current weather condition. for example, if its sunny outside, the icon would change to a Sun icon and when you roll over the icon it shows the current temperature.

        iphone has something like this too if you are more familiar with that. when you roll over the weather icon itll display current temps.

        • sorry i meant Gega, not greg haha.

          • that’s sounds great. Now I just have to figure out how to do it and test the solution on “normal” devices to achieve the compatibility. I think I’ll have to investigate this at the end of Feb. thanks for the info I add this to my TODO list.


  9. I too wish this had a updating icon that we can put on the home screen liek weather. I like the app, i used it in the past.

  10. any updates for the sunclock midlet from Gergely? that was a really nice one but had some problems with the time on my pearl 8100.

    Gergely? Please?

    Thank you.

    • I’ll update the Sunclock too as soon as I could fix an other bug regarding BB devices under company policy http connection restriction. When I have the fix I’ll port it into Sunclock as well. ciao,

  11. I’ve installed this app but I’m getting this error on my T-Mobile 8320:

    Error: Tunnel failed

    Any idea what’s causing this?

  12. I also got an error trying to download the 320 version from my Blackberry 8703e on Verizon. It says “907 Invalid JAR unable to find trailer bytes” Thanks – Todd

  13. I got it working on my Storm. Quite nice. Read his web info first though its not that self explanatory.

  14. I love the program but have a problem. The first time I downloaded the program I by mistake pressed no on one of the prompts and now everytime I run the program it asks me to allow access to

    I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and also have gone into the Application options and allowed everything as well.

    Anyway to get this thing to get rid of this prompt???

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