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8330 OS Found Online!

codybb from and Secret Agent 004 sent in two links to OS for the CDMA BlackBerry 8330. I have not checked it since I no longer have a 8330 but let us know in the comments what you find.


Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Yeah baby yeah, I was reading about this last night. All 3 of my berries getting some new love in the space of a week. Gotta love it!

  2. actually it was 1 2 MaNy from who dicscovered it…

  3. On the road now bu downloaded before leaving the office. Will be back to post findings. Thnx jbuford for pointing me in the right direction!

  4. Don’t use Windows 7 + Desktop Manager, it freezes at uploading Ram Image. Used XP and it does seem a lot faster no speaker blasts

  5. Works great on a VZW Curve 8330!

  6. Seems to manage memory a lot better.
    I used windows 7 beta and it worked great. VZW Curve 8330

  7. Put it on my curve lastnight and so far so good. MMS? I have heard so many different things about MMS. But MMS is a totally seperate update from the operating system correct?

  8. So, what exactly does this update fix/add?

    • Well if you were a faithful soul and continued to run 4.3 on your Curve. You will now notice HTML emails via this upgrade. The media player should look a little different. I am sure others can list more technical changes.

  9. okay, so far, the only thing i can see is that there seems to be a slight memory leak. after the initial reboot, i had 40mb free which was a significant bump from where i was, but in little under 10 minutes, i was down to 35 without doing anything past reactivating 3rd party apps and the usual (after upgrade actions).

  10. has anyone been able to update with 4.7 in vista

  11. Anyone notice any changed between this and

  12. I’m having problems with yahoo and aol yahoo keeps having errors aol won’t show buddies (sprint)

  13. Updated my VZW 8330 today and it went through without a hitch. First impressions seem like very little on the surface has changed. Haven’t yet had the chance to see if the speakerphone burst bug was fixed but that will come soon enough. I’ve noticed a few hourglasses on occasion but I am hoping they are situation specific as opposed to lags.

  14. Just uploaded to my Sprint bb Curve 8330 and seems all works good but havent noticed anything new or different besides the camera is different.

    • Depending on weather you were running 4.5 betas previously or came from 4.3 there may not be anything but performance improvements. The browser is better as is the overall speed of the device. If you upgraded from 4.3 resend your service books and you will get HTML email (new email only, not what is already in your inbox.

  15. I upgraded 7 verizon 8330 with this os and we all have gps working for our BlackBerry maps. No need for Verizon nav @ $9.99 @ month. This is what we were waiting for!!!!!

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