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Storm 9530 OS Found Online (CDMA)

foundonlineOur comrade Kevin let me know that BB397 sent him a link to OS for the 9530 CDMA Storm out in the wild. Hopefully this will be an upgrade to the much lamented .85 version. Don’t know much else about the new version other than the fact that you can pick it up at the link below:

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Im surprised nobody has posted a comment yet lol

  2. I’m waiting to hear impressions from others before I try it on mine.

  3. I’m surprised why nobody posted a comment like “Is ist working on Storm 9500 too?”


  4. any RS link? can’t wait to test while awaiting unlock code from horizonwirelessonline

  5. Downloading now. I’ll post back what I find, but I haven’t had any real issues with any of the released OS except .76.

  6. Lol I know, I always wait for the first responders before trying it myself as well

  7. Love it! Like I said, never had much problem with any others except .76, but this sucker is MUCH faster. Actually seems as though this might have been what they would have originally wanted to release! 🙂

    I’ll post back again if I have an other specifics, but for now only “faster” seems to be the only noticeable difference from .85

  8. since the original link was dead i decided to try boy_de_ghet’s link.

    it installed fine, but when the phone boots up it has a message: “media card insterted.”. no matter what button i press, it immediately goes to a solid black screen with the verizon logo. the phone is 100% inoperable at this point.

    i’m going to try rebooting it without the media card.

  9. ok, i pulled the media card and rebooted.

    this time it booted up and asked me if i wanted to auto-detect cdma/gsm based on coverage. after that prompt i made it to the home screen and the phone worked fine.

    i am rebooting it yet again, this time with the media card installed. let’s see what happens…

    wow. same damn thing. “media card is inserted.” with no way to get around it. is there a workaround for this problem?


    several posts on this issue. verizon wireless black screen of death lol.

    so what i found that seems to work every time… turn the power off with the off button, then pull the battery. every time you do a battery pull, do it this way.

    if you forget and get stuck on the “media card inserted” or “media card removed” error, pull the batter and all cards, boot once with no cards, then pull the batter for a minute. replace the cards, replace the battery.

    some people say selecting a wallpaper that is on the device instead of the memory card remedies this problem completely. i haven’t tested this yet.

  11. I am now experiencing this “Media Card Inserted” endless loop. Hey RIM…oops!

    Can’t have anything to do with wallpaper, I had never touched mine.

    Just prior to this my Storm was memory leaked down to ZERO bytes free (with all closable apps closed). And even Quickpull wouldn’t reboot the phone! It asked me yes/no/schedule, but after selecting Yes just dropped me back to Home screen and never displayed the “device needs to reboot” now/later screen.

  12. my previous post fixes the problem.

    power off before a battery pull.

    if you forget and get stuck at the error, pull all cards, pull the battery, boot once without the cards (sim and media). when it comes up, you will get an error again. pull battery, reinsert cards, replace battery. this time you won’t see any errors.

    first thing when you get in, change the wallpaper. mine was on the verizon. i switched it to a few different ones to test.

    after that you don’t have to worry about powering it down prior to a battery pull. it reboots every time without errors.

  13. I have tried to follow your instructions but they require turning the phone off with the power button. I do that, it tells me it is going to turn off, but it never does. Just sits at the turning off screen.

  14. that’s where i was. here’s the trick…

    if already have the error, you have to pull all cards and the battery.

    then boot once with just the battery.

    when it comes up, you will see yet another error.

    pull the battery and replace all cards, replace the battery. on this boot you will not see an error.

    from this point you either need to change the wallpaper immediately or if you want to keep the verizon wallpaper you have to make a conscious effort to remember to power down each time prior to a battery pull.

    changing the wallpaper will avoid having to remember this step.

  15. (sorry for the delay, my outlook was running so my bb didn’t receive your message)

  16. Okay. I am back up and running (though using my 8830 to post this). I did your steps BUT never pulled the SIM card. You are saying if I change my wallpaper to something other than default I won’t have this repeat? That is weird but ok I will change it.

  17. correct! 🙂

  18. i ran 5 tests on each:

    with stock verizon wallpaper i was able to power down and then pull the battery without issues.

    with a non stock wallpaper i was able to do a battery pull at any time without issues.

    and every time i forgot what i was doing i would have to pull everything, power up once with only the battery, then pull it again, replace everything and then boot it up a second time. i did this about 5-10 times and it seemed consistent too.

  19. Thanks. I changed wallpaper. I use QuickPull to do any resets unless the device is so frozen that I can’t launch it.

    The more I play with this phone, the less I like it. It is great for reading news a web sites, but anything requiring typing text into a web form (like this for example) is painful. Especially to go back and edit a typo, forget trying to do that, better off doing a “clear field” and start over. Ugh. I want to like the 9530 but after a week with it I’m really looking forward to Niagra or Jupiter. I love Blackberry, but 9530 is so far a fail in my book.

    Hey Ronen…could you put the anti-spam ABOVE the submit button? I’ve missed it several times now because you have to scroll past submit, enter the anti-spam answer, then go back up to the submit button.

  20. i never have to anti-spam when logged in, weird.

    yeah, i have only had a storm in hand for 2 hours. 1 hour on thursday, i hated it. another hour on friday (not including installing the new os) and kinda liked it.

    typing, or at least “revisionary typing” like i do, is the achille’s heel of this device. otherwise i really like it.

  21. I don’t “log in”, that’s why.

    If RIM wants this thing to be a useful web device, they need to really quick come up with a better method of “editing cursor” control. It is far too difficult to “revise”, as you point out. Even trying to revise an email before sending is painfully hard. I get really really frustrated. 6750, 7250, 7100i, 7130e, 8830, to now 9530, and I’m just not enjoying the experience. Maybe as I use it I will get better at it.

    • Hey David the anti spam question should show up on top of the text box for the comment text. Let me know if it is not. I had to put it back since we are getting a ton of spam attempts from Russia right now and they are trying to comment on our longer threads so that everybody gets an email with the spam message.
      I think a easy math question is a simple thing to deal with to avoid annoying spam…
      What do you guys think?

  22. good point. i gotta agree, especially when typing an email. at any given time i can only see 1 or 2 lines of typed text at a time. the only way to see more is to hide the keyboard, which is stupid considering we need to type.

    i think this is a very decent “first offering” though for a touch screen berry. i wish i had one to play with consistently.

  23. @Ronen:
    The anti-spam shows up BELOW the Submit Comment button, at least on 8830 in Column View mode. So while typing in this box I don’t even see it and if I roll the trackball down 1 click from here the Submit button is active and anti-spam isn’t even seen. So if you don’t know you have to answer it, you miss it.

    What would you think about the existing keyboards being translucent? Doesn’t fix cursor movement in a field, but at least you could see more than 1 or 2 lines when the keyboard is up.

    9530 is a toy for me. 8830 is my “get it done” Blackberry. I lucked into the 9530 and glad I get to try daily at no cost to me and really decide if its for me before my “new every two” comes up in a couple months. If I had to choose today, I wouldn’t pay MY money for a Storm. Its cool and definately the hardware is high quality, but 4.7 OS needs a LOT of work and IMHO some chabges in paradigm to be taken serious by diehard Blackberry users.

    • @DavidB
      I just tried putting my Bold in Column view and it shows the Anti-Spam box above the comment box and the submit button. Mind taking a screenshot for me or checking it on another device? Maybe clearing your cache might help too since we just moved to a different anti-spam solution.

  24. @ron the anti-spam idea works for me. i think davidb was asking for the antispam edit box to be moved, but i’m logged in so i never see it.

  25. @Ronen:
    No matter what I try, on 8830 or 9530, the anti-spam statement, entry box, and picture ALL appear on the page BELOW the “Submit Comment” button. Not intuitive that you have to scroll down past the submit button, answer, then scroll back up to submit. Directly BELOW the anti-spam is the Manage link.

  26. @DavidB:

    I don’t want to suggest something you’re totally aware of, but just in case you weren’t aware:
    To revise spelling mistakes or to go back in your message rather than clearing the field entirely you can just gently rest your finger over a word until the ‘cursor’ turns white and then you can drag your finger to get to a specific spot in your text – personally a much faster solution than completely rewriting your message.

  27. very cool, i will try it next time i get a crack at the storm. i have (still) only had 2 hrs total with one. grr…

  28. @ste7enm:
    Am familiar. Seems to work erraticly at best with my meaty thumbs!

    I also find that text boxes (like this one I am typing in) perform differently from site to site. Some wrap nicely while typing. On some the text stays in one line (not wrapping within the box) until I hit “enter” key. On others (and most frustrating) the text is entering on one line but becomes invisible beyond the character limit of on screen scaling of the box (o you are typing blind, almost like typing off screen). Aargh. Such inconsistency will keep RIM getting blasted for their browser.

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