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UPDATE: Bold 9000 OS Found Online

UPDATE: Just got sent a faster link by Double Agent 003 on MegaUpload:

Just got back from the Sabbath and noticed a new email in my inbox. The Fantom scored OS for us and posted it in his new forum (FantomBerry). No idea what this one changes but I am downloading it NOW! 🙂

Download Link:

Its kind of tricky to get the download. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the basic free download. Then on the next page enter in the right CAPTCHA code.

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Downloading now and will post results with in 48 hours for a thorough review…
    To all, v.217 was really good and is probably the best out there to date including the long lasting battery.
    My review will rely heavily on comparing v.219 with v.217.

    • 217 down the volume for media player to the default each time when open

    • Firmware install time:
      22 min, longer than v.217 which took less than 15 min.
      Note: backup everything before you install the firmware…I know, it automatically backs it up and restores it…not!!
      Backup manually and restore manually AND…register the phone with BlackBerry again, Options, advanced options, Host Routing Table, select the line in bold and click menu, then register. You will realize what this does when you try to open your BlackBerry web browser and it opens your MediaNet one.

      Reboot time:
      2:03 which is as good as v.217

      Modem mode:
      Standard modem didn’t disappear this time unlike v.217 and thus, no need to repair desktop manager 4.7

      Faster than ever…questions?

      Same issue with the volume as v.217, doesn’t save the previous volume level.

      Same issue with the volume here too and, the menu bar doesn’t disappear automatically since you need to hit the menu button twice to take it out (same issue with v.217)

      They all start in the 40s and 50s and after a week they end up in the 20s after a reboot and in the low teens after a couple of days.

      No lag, which means it’s as good as v.217 (flashback: with v.167. When you left your phone for a while and got back to it, it wouldn’t respond to any button you’d press for a couple of seconds – 5-20 sec, that lag is gone since v.217)

      12 hours alive including 2 hours of phone calls, web browsing for about 30 min and 5 minutes of youtube. some text messages and an MMS. Battery starts flashing green at 10% and phone calls are possible up to 5%.
      v.217 lasted over 200 min from full to 5% (I’d call it a tie)

      All you who have cached over 200MB of songs on your memory card from Slacker, you need to recache everything again…bummer

      Recommendation: Install it. Not that different from v.217 since both are winners really.

      • Very nice review!
        I will definitely be recommending the upgrade based on what you reported. Any idea what the voicemail app is about? Is it the same one Verizon uses for visual voicemail on the Storm?

  2. downloading it now thanks guys 😀

  3. New icon “visual voice mail”, but when I click on it says “provisioning unsuccessful”


    • Sorry Tim .224 just did not pan out right now. Not sure what happened to it. Can only give you what we have 🙂

      • We’ve gotta remember that sometimes there are more than one version out among the testers at the same time, and it depends on which person leaked it. .224 may still be around the corner, but for now we should download this before it disappears even if we aren’t sure we are gonna install it right away.

  5. Media Player Auto Volume Regulate Bug- Fixed
    Visual Voice Mail- Not Working

    Overall- Seems Very Smooth. The Days To Come Will Be The Test.

    Good Day For My Bold- A Black Trackball & A Firmware Update!

  6. Downloading, iaming using .210 and this is working Super nice for me but lets see is this better or another one of thos not worth upgrading.

  7. Restarts are WAY faster but voicemail indicator and in general is bugged

  8. downloading as typing, thanks guys

  9. Looks like we get Wireless Upgrade now as well as VVM when AT&T actually starts to offer it. A thread on Crackberry mentions an Ap Center but thus far I have not found that.

    Seems solid and fast

  10. Tested on my BOLD and good work
    Mirror (Link expired 5-July-2009) :

  11. upon install, i select custom and found an option “Application Center” but have no idea where to launch it after install lol

    I can make sure the internal memory 1G now can be access from Leopard OSX, woohooo thanks!!!

  12. So I take it that this is a good release then guys?


  13. so far so good and stable,
    wallpaper reset bug is still there since 217, its always reset back to default every time reboot the device, no big deal for me

    boot time lil bit faster, total from pulling out battery and put it back, start counting from scroll light on, 1 minutes 32 seconds

    File Free: 43.26 Mega with third party install, yahoo go, yahoo IM, Viigo, Opera, SocialScope, youversion bible, facebook

  14. Totally unrelated but no more betas for the 8330? There should be at least 2 higher versions than .97. Hey we miss the excitement!!

  15. Thanks for all the reviews everyone! I am going to go ahead and make the plunge and install it. I have been running great on .210 now since I installed .217 and then downgraded 10 minutes later. Feel free to check out my NEW site that Ronen mentioned for me. You can also join up if you like, we have a LOT of media including the latest movies available for your Blackberry!

  16. No Voicemail icon!

  17. Voicemail icon does NOT work at all. Otherwise a nice upgrade.

  18. Hey guys, im on Orange CH — is it safe to upgrade? What are the steps I need to go through to ensure I dont brick my phone! Im still on .126 and Orange refuses to release a later firmware update. Thx!

    • 195, 210, and 217 have worked fine on my Rogers bold…anything would be better then whats you have…..I dont know why they dont put out at least 210 for Orange…

    • Yes it will work just fine. Just make sure to make the appropriate backups of your data and apps just in case you run into problems and/or need to downgrade. Also if you need help you will need to find it online as Orange wont support anything newer than their supported OS.

      Orange really boggles the mind. They talk about pulling the Bold from their lineup but at the same time run ancient ancient software on it. Don’t they get it, newer software should fix their reception issues?

  19. running faster n better wifi i like it. Too bad it restore all my themes to default..If you don’t mind wasting some time on the themes again then go ahead…worth it to me

  20. Anyone contact their carrier about visual vmail?

    • Gee that’s a smart idea. Let them know you are running BETA unsupported software on your Berry and give then an excuse to void your support warranty. If it’s being tested, I’ll wager both AT&T and Rogers are working on it. Give them some time.

  21. just google the final portion of the firmware ie….A4.6.0.219.exe
    you should find some megaupload or rapidshare links to the files…

  22. Installed the 219 last night, memory is stable, hits 45mb after restart (I have a lot of crap installed, 5 3rd party themes, Viigo, Gmail, Opera Mini, BeeJive, SmsScheduler, BBAlerts, Google Map, Quickpull, Dictionary, Aerize Alerts and a screen capture SHE program).

    Memory is stable, holds still at about 35mb after 24 hours of usage.

    I think the build is very nice, even nicer than 217.

  23. Ronen, you are most welcome…I have never heard of or even seen that visual voice mail till 5 minute ago on my bold when it popped up. It didn’t work by the way…it said:
    Provisioning unsuccessful. To resolve this issue, contact your wireless service provider.
    Update: 12 hours of use including 1:20 of CACHED slacker tracks, 50 minute of phone calls and 6 hours of using epocrates (medical stuff…) And, I still had 60% left..P.S.: I’m in an EDGE location so no 3G.
    One thing I noticed since I came to Texas (Dallas area) 3G drops easily to edge or GPRS during phone calls. That NEVER happened to me in Indianapolis, IN and I’m getting more dropped calls here in Dallas. edge means no data and no NEW phone calls can be initiated…bummer.
    Locationwise makes a difference so firmwares are not to blame or praise all the time yall….

    • Remember this is a leak. No doubt one or more of the major carriers of the Bold are testing VVM internally, but it is apparently not publicly available yet 🙁

  24. After deleting visual voice mail and application center i could not be happier (excluding the media player volume bug)

  25. I installed it and now i cant turn on my wi-fi
    somebody can help ?

  26. HELP!! I was doing this update. I backed up my phone before the process, I left my phone alone. When i went back to it the computer said “unable to restore application software”. I unplugged my phone and did a battery pull. Now the phone has a white screen with a little picture and says “reload software: 507”. When i went to restore the previous data to my phone, desktop manager would not recognize my phone was plugged in and would not give me the option to restore. IS MY BOLD FUBAR?!?!? Please HELP!!!

  27. I am a blackberry newbie.. I just downloaded the file, deleted vendor xml and clicked on application loader, the only option i had to update was language support and not the OS.

    I am currently running applications

    Please help.

  28. Hi all,

    I am a blackberry bold newbie, I am running applications v.1.1.190 and just downloaded this file, i also deleted vendor xml. The loader only offers me language support update not the OS itself…

    Please help.

  29. I installed the fw on my rogers bb bold and everything was successful. However there is no sign of a vvm icon or app store icon, and i even pushed ‘show all’. Does anyone know why this is?

  30. Reboot your PC and this time don’t connect to the Internet. If your connection is always on turn it off.

  31. The upgrade is stable and very works well. I use it since 2 weeks and everything is OK… And I can also use the modem again (I lost the feature since I’ve upgraded to the 207) !! 😉

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