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Total Control – IP Video (WebCam) Camera Application

Picture 5 James over at IntoMobile spotted a slick new internet camera application called Total Control. I have always been wanting to setup a camera in my apartment but thought it was pointless since I would never check on it. This app might make me change my mind though it really is pricey…

The app cam view and control video streams from certain IP cameras and other sources without any 3rd party server or anything. The client is getting it directly from the camera.

They have 4 different versions based on what you are using it for ranging from $59.99 for single camera viewing to $99.99 for multiple cameras.

Check it out at this link and let me know what you think. They support quite a range of camera vendors.

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  1. I’d love this app, but that pricing puts it completely out of consideration. I’m no Apple fanboy, but I bought an app for my iPod touch that does exact the same thing and it was $2.99.

  2. I agree the price makes it a no-go

  3. developer response:
    differences between $2.99 app and ours (you get what you pay for. seems they only have 2 * average) as well as our reasons for pricing:

    1. pan, tilt, and zoom supported on select models. the iphone app does not support at all.
    2. landscape mode supported (think storm for now)
    3. ability to change resolution size (no oversizing of picture)
    4. iphone app does not support true mjpg video stream. just jpg refresh which has a slower framerate
    5. no need for knowing any urls. no manual input for setup of cameras. simply pick from manufacturer/model list
    6. it’s for blackberry. the other app is for iphone.
    7. app is native not browser based like the iphone app.
    8. has extra functions on multicam versions such as timer for autoswitch, snapshot function, etc.
    9. over 100+ models supported
    10. video encoders supported for analog camera and dvr support
    11. free trial demo available on website
    12. coming on multiple interfaces
    13. scaling ability as well as resolution capabilities
    14. dedicated support team as you can see by this post, smile.
    15. various forms of support options: phone, email, forum, chat, videos, manuals, documentations, faq’s, website translated to over 15 languages
    16. we have our own store so there is less overhead and we can have promotions. check website regularly for details. ability to have a partner program (in development now)
    17. no subscriptions required.
    18. no 3rd party server for your video to go through

    i mean compared to most other serious solutions on the market the applications are more than competitively priced, especially for native apps not some quick web app.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Rob Conlin
    Intelligent Designs Group, LLC

  4. Give Mobiscope a try, it’s another video surveillance app for BlackBerry and it costs just $29.95.
    Mobiscope can start recording when motion is detected and sends motion detection alerts via email. Can be used for home surveillance or just for fun.

  5. The functions you list require another application to run on a computer. we are using straight connection between hardware and cell phone. two different markets in that case. there are plenty of nvr solutions on the market with many more options than what you suggest here.

  6. The latest version of Mobiscope allows direct connection to your network camera. No desktop application is required.

  7. not for motion detection recording and motion detection alerts it doesn’t. i can’t even find a list of cameras supported and what functions are supported for each model. if you have the link can you post it. thanks.

  8. Well, developers promise to add motion detection option by direct access in the nearest future

    Camera list is definitely posted on the Mobiscope site:

    And if functions are not specified for each of the models, that is most likely because they are the same: camera is either supported or not.

  9. i totally understand. we have many functions in development but they are not listed as functions until they are actually implemented.

    functions are not always supported via api. i know this firsthand directly from the manufacturers. they are not listed on our website for no reason.

    thank you for the camera list. i appreciate it.

  10. I can’t understand why Total Control cost so much? I’ve bought Mobiscope not long ago. And I think that it’s a really good product under the remarkable price.

  11. personally the autoswitch function was worth the price alone. i own several restaurants and constantly like to auto rotate cameras to see what is going on. my security guy wanted to charge me 3 times as much for another cell software so i am more than satisfied.

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