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HOT! SocialScope – Awesome Twitter Client For BlackBerry – 200 Alpha Invites Available

Ubiquitous Systems definitely won me over with the SocialScope client. I was not much of a Twitter user before but now I actually check and even update my twitter account (@Berryreview). I mentioned the private Alpha launch of SocialScope before but was asked not to post any screenshots. Now that restriction is over and I can finally show off what I have been raving about. We even managed to score 200 Alpha invites to the first BerryReview readers who sign up from this link. All I have to say is that SocialScope really impressed me with its simplicity and ease of use. The Twitter functionality easily rivals RIM’s social network applications and adds some features that even RIM does not have. Hands down this will soon be the one and only Twitter client on your BlackBerry.

All Updates Facebook View

SocialScope is essentially a simple and easy to use Twitter and Facebook status updating and viewing client for BlackBerry. It is kind of like TwitterBerry on steroids and adds a ton more. It also has a tight integration with BlackBerry features such as the Address Book and Calendar along with keyboard shortcuts. The client also has Facebook support but I found it to not be as well rounded as RIM’s client but is pretty good for updating your status both on Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Message View Update Status

NOTE: The first 200 BerryReview readers who use this link ( to register will automatically be entered in the SocialScope Alpha testing group and will be allowed to download the application. Sorry if you do not make the cut but hopefully the application will be released soon.

Picture Posting Reply View

Features include:

  • Post updates to all your social networks with one click
  • View all your social network status updates and picture updates in one place
  • Address Book Integration allows you to save your contacts’ social network information and see their updates from the address book
  • Support for standard BlackBerry shortcuts, r – reply, d – direct message, c – compose update, b – bottom,  t – top, f – favorite
  • Post updates directly from your Inbox
  • Twitter search support with #topics highlighting throughout BlackBerry
  • @username highlighting
  • One click access to the “in reply to” messages
  • BlackBerry spell checker support
  • Tabbed Interface so you never miss replies, direct messages or updates from specific contacts
  • Direct message interface makes it easier to see conversations
  • Post pictures via TwitPic from the camera or BlackBerry Media app
  • URL Shrinking with with the BlackBerry Browser integration

If you want to see a screenshot of anything else let me know in the comments!

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  1. I just signed up got an email that i entered, waiting for my download link and activation key 😀

    Thanks Ronen !

  2. I was accepted into test group about a month ago and have been using since! Let’s jus say it is now one of my homescreen icons. One question though, the screenshot seems to be an updated version, how can I get it?

  3. Goodbye, TwitterBerry+Facebook, hello SocialScope!

  4. About how long does it take to get the email with the link to download it?

  5. We’ll we’ve gone over the 200…we’re working on getting more users on today.

  6. If you use the link provided we’ll get you an invite, but there might be a slight delay.

  7. Why didn’t they include MySpace?

  8. Awesome! Signed up. Thanks Ronen, and shabbat shalom.

  9. Yeah um this app caused some instability for me after a while, having both the Facebook/Twitter acccounts enabled on my Bold. Its got potential, but is a ways from being executed in an intuitive manner. Definitely headed in the right direction. Will be curious to see how the new Facebook for BlackBerry app due in January ’09 matches up to this…

    Btw – the concept of Twitter is quickly being consumed by the Status Update of Facebook. I think future iterations of Facebook will crush Twitter entirely. Twitter is just too simplistic in nature for the world we live in nowadays.

  10. Kyle its an alpha, but we aren’t getting reports of instability like you describe. Can you please email [email protected] and describe the issues you’re having and we’ll debug them for you.

  11. I dont know much about this app but i signed up and got an email that i entered, waiting for my download link and activation key 😀

  12. cool app, still waiting for the beta though

  13. Waiting on key and dl link…anxiously

  14. i use my bold 9000 download and setup this app, but i get “Uncaught exception:java.lang.NullPointer Exception” …. ><

  15. Didn’t make the cut, At least I can look forward in receiving a bunch of spam saying coming soon..blah…blah

  16. Sorry about that, can you email [email protected] so we can debug the issue.

  17. Well I sign up but no email or code, its been over 2 hours so far. Any have luck getting there’§?

  18. I never signed up, but I got invited anyway, so I downloaded it. It’s cool.

  19. Downloaded it and like it. I just use FB to look at status updates and post status updates, so no biggie that I can’t poke (never poked anyone) or all that other stuff.
    Curious though as to how to post links. I have tried posting url’s every way I know how and none of the “mini-urls” seem to work once posted.
    Other than that, no gripes here.

  20. I have been using social scope fpr a while now and it has been exactly what I was looking for, they still have some thing coming I hear like notifications, and when they arive it will be even greater, thanks guys for the app….sure wish we could get BLACKBERRYUNDERGROUND on the list of social sites included in socialscope….eh ? eh?
    A truly Social Network for Blackberry Users and Abusers

  21. How come I signed up for the alpha when it was first mentioned on here and yesterday and still have no invite?

    Shouldn’t you clear out the people currently waiting before you go and give out another 200 accounts?

  22. I think I would use this, but does it work over wifi?

    Because I dont have a data plan 🙁

  23. @ S Raman: Just tested it with mobile network off and works fine.

    @ Roger V. Chill out. Once they get a chance to add more users they will.

  24. @n8: I’m cool man, just sucks to be in line and have the bouncer let the 200 people behind you in while you been waiting all night.

    Why even bother?

  25. Still waiting for the invite.Oh well quess its coming just like the lottery….:D

  26. Waiting anxiously and excited. Hopefully more alphas will be released asap.

  27. So I got in, but am having issues with the getting it to authorize my twitter account. Reported it to the dev, but was wondering if anyone else had any problems.

    Also, one of the emails basically stated that we’re bound to a confidentiality agreement – I can understand that, but this article here pretty much discloses anything I would want to anyways. I only mention this as I’m Pinstack member and wouldn’t mind posting a thread just giving a rehash of this same info, not the same article of course, but just my own thoughts on the same things that have been gone over here.

    And since Ive seen the dev respond here, but not to my bug report, figured I’d clarify that.

  28. Been using socialscope for a few weeks now, new release is huge step, app smooth like silk, battery optimized, keen to know what the end release is going to contain

  29. So I signed up for this thing when this was first posted on berryreview. I got an email saying you’ve been invited blah blah.. and you will get getting a download link soon. I never got that email.

    So I just re-signed back up, got a download link, but now I don’t have a password. How does one log in now?

  30. But does it allow for storm users a horizontal viewing option, allowing us to use the full key pad? Please say yes! If not, I am going to have to stick with updating using the mobile browser.

  31. Will friend feed be added to app as well at some point?

  32. Are there still alpha invites available for this?

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