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Is AT&T Moving 2G Service To The 1900Mhz Band?

About a month ago I woke up and realized that I have full reception on my Bold in my Apartment! I guess AT&T decided to put up a new tower by my first floor apartment in New York. I also read an article on Gizmodo that for some reason was taken down that mentioned that AT&T has been relegating 2G service to their weaker 1900Mhz band and giving 3G full access on their much stronger and further reaching 850Mhz band.

So I wanted to ask all of you what you have been experiencing. Has 3G on AT&T been better for you in the last month? Have you noticed that your 2G Phone (EDGE) has not been getting reception where you previously had reception?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I have not noticed a change in connection or speed here in the Nashville area using EDGE on my 8310.

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact my downloads through tether broke the 250 KB/s barrier a week ago and now it can reach 293 KB/s.
    Another thing I noticed, dropping to EDGE is now an easy task…before it was very rare to see EDGE on my phone but now I can see it more often. Could that be an over lap of the new OS I installed (.217) vs. 1900 MHz?
    Yes, I believe there is a difference…

  3. My 3G is the same at home (always been full bars).
    My wife’s pearl, however, no longer works at home.
    It’s been stuck on GSM since before Christmas.
    My 8300 is the same. No data at home anymore…..
    Getting full bars on GSM just no EDGE!

  4. A couple weeks ago I noticed that anytime I’d make a phone call, my 8310 would switch from EDGE to GPRS, then back to EDGE after the call was finished… I don’t know if that was due to the transition but I was curious as to why it was happening.

  5. That’s a very att tipical move trying to get every one away from 2G phones to 3G means more money for them in the end

  6. Yeah AT&T did the same thing during their move from TDMA to GSM

  7. My friend and I both noticed a big improvement in 3G reception at his apartment near New Haven, CT within the last month. I have the Bold and he just got a new iPhone after breaking his old one, so it’s also possible that our new devices are just registered to a newer tower. Either way, yes, there has been a noticable improvement in 3G service in the New Haven, Connecticut area.

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