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Giveaway: Will 2009 be a ‘Berry good year? Share your BlackBerry Resolutions and enter to win awesome prizes from Electric Pocket!

HappyCat Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet? We at BerryReview want to help you welcome 2009 with a great giveaway from Electric Pocket, the developer of some of the best and most popular BlackBerry apps.

Tell us how you are going to use your BlackBerry to keep your New Year Resolutions in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the four Electric Pocket applications listed below. We will be selecting the top 20 winners on January 12th 2009 at 11:59PM EST. These winners will get a copy of one of the applications listed below based on the drawing:

  • Ringo Ringtone Manager – Ringo helps you manage your ringtones by assigning your favorite tones to individual callers or groups of callers and you can also use it to convert your favorite MP3s into ringtones!
  • FlipSide MP3 Player – this MP3 player was what really started attracting users to Electric Pocket …it enables you to swoosh through the album covers of your tune collection and offers the simplest way to pick the music you want to play.
  • PhoneFace speed dialer – lets you flip through pics of your most-called friends and family to launch a call or text message, and it retrieves your friends’ most recent pictures off their Facebook profiles.
  • txtForward – automatically forwards your text messages to an email address that you designate – an excellent tool if you want to keep a record of your SMS conversations.

Time is short, so enter today! We’ll announce the winners next week.

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  1. My resolution is to be more organized, so my new BB will now be my personal secretary (maintaining my calendar and emails).

  2. I want to use my BB to schedule work outs so I can keep in shape! Google Sync, here I come!

  3. I just bought a Storm and already have fallen in love. I’ve had Palm and Windows Mobile devices and this is by far the best I’ve used. I’m going to be able to keep my work life in sync with my family life!

  4. my resolution was be more productive, and using my Blackberry I will do.

    I will use Docs to 2go to edit files, and sent back, the calendar to never be late, task, to remember my duties and of course the clock to wake up in the morning.

  5. txtforward: i wanna use that to keep track of what goes on in my life, pretty much the description of what it does. Im always talking business and it would be sort of a receipt for me.

  6. I will use the mp3 app to listen to soothing music to help reduce the stress in my life…this is top priority, and top of my list in my New Year Resolutions …. “Reduce the Stress”!!!

  7. using the calendar to keep myself organized, very handy to keep appointments rather than remember them in your head.

  8. I will be using the blackberry to keep in touch with long lost friends, and familly. Last year I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and I’ll use my blackberry to get my life back on track this year.

  9. I use Memo Pad for pretty much everything. I have lyrics, presentations, and random notes. This years #1 priority is to find a date. Jotting down the effectiveness of pick-up lines immediately after I try them is essential, else I forget the reaction. I’ll often stab at the same pathetic attempt with the same ubrupt response.

    However! As BBC Health warned me (via Viigo) New Years resolutions are unhealthy because they often lead to feelings of failure and inadequacy. Ha ha! Check it out:

    In that case, please, BerryReview, don’t encourage self improvement, because you’re pushing some inevitable insecurity up our unfinished tasks.

  10. I’m resolving to get rid of this old, beaten up Curve and upgrading my game to the Bold. Ooooh, aaaaah, Bold!

  11. Txt forward would make my archiving so much easier.

  12. I’ll be turning 33 on the 12th. I’ve been a bbpearl owner since middle of 2008 (my first bb)…been using the memopad a lot, the mediaplayer…well just about anything there is in my pearl. Will continue to keep my pearl waking me up at 530 am so i wont be late at work. Will continue to keep in touch with family and dear friends, as well as the boss of course 🙂 and I will keep the automatic turn off function working as well. I also resolve to read more and learn more about the amazing blackberry from the different forum sites and be able to do more with it…one thing is i have to keep it under control though or the wifey might boot me out 🙂 he heheh

  13. I plan on using my Curve to keep me in sync with Google. Pun intended. I am going to try and keep my life more organized with appointments, birthdays and most importantly contact information!

  14. My New Year’s plan is to use my Blackberry Pearl to help me stay on top of everything, from my morning alarm clock, my calendar for reminders and my schedule, keeping in touch with everyone via txt, email, and calls, but also to track my progress with toning via the calendar. I’ll use my mp3 and media player for music to relax or motivate, and for movies while waiting. While others think I’m a Blackberry Addict, my goal is to show them the Blackberry is a useful addition to myself.

  15. Stay better organized by using my BB task to keep me on schedule.

  16. I will be working in Alaska soon to jump start my year of adventure. I will be using my Berry to catalog my adventures and share with my friends and family. TxtForward would be a great addition!

  17. I will use the calendar on my Blackberry more so I can stay on top of things, and sync it with my Google Calendar. I’ll also install more cool and random apps on it such as BluCtrl, which I’m using to type this 😛

  18. my resolution is to get a storm,

    then to the serious stuff,

    I have used my bb in the past to help me achieve the goals i set out for the year,

    the problem with the goals are that once they are written, most people forget about them, what we need is to have them in front of us all of the time,

    over the past couple years, i have utilized the “Owners Info” under the option menu in my bb to achieve this,

    Instead of putting my name there i jot down my goals for the year, then every time i look at my BB (which is locked most of the time) i see my goals,

    subconsciously i get reminded of my goals basically quiet a few times over the day, it works awesome,

    here try it, Just put what you want on that screen and if you want it really bad enough and your brain processes it subconsciously, you will get it,


  19. well firstly i will use my BB for basically Everything ..organize myself ,stay on track and have fun while i’ m at it!..i use it to wake up in the morning (alarm) and go to sleep with it beside me searching berryreview or looking at emails i missed throughout the day..I’ m on it 24/7 even after getting yelled at from my family pssh…as for how i will use it to accomplish my new year resolution hmm.??? well one of my goal is to get fit so its going to be my own personal DJ playing all the music i like to my work out… not only that but it will have all my work out routines (from the gymtech =)…while getting the body i want to match my sexy BB i can use one of those apps above to impress some people as well such as phoneface/Ringo or Flipside… other new year resolution is to find more COOler apps for my BB so by winning one of these apps from here will truly get my new year resolutions going !! Thanks to everyone involved in this giveaway.. HAPpy new year !

  20. I resolve to not be the forgetful idiot and miss my familys birthdays! I will use my blackberry to be the absolute FIRST to call/text/email my loved ones on their special day! It will be the turning over of a new leaf for me! Like Scrooge for Christmas, I will be known for keeping the cheerful spirit of Birthdays…and keeping it well!

  21. Before 2009 even begun I made one of my BlackBerry resolutions come true, and that is to turn my wife into a Blackberry user. I upgraded to the Storm and gave my Pearl to my wife. It’s a huge step for her, but she is becoming BB saavy and loves getting her emails.

    My resolution for 2009 is to stick with the Storm and let the rest of the mobile world catch up to it. What do I mean? I mean to be patient as more updates are released to speed it up a bit and resolve some of the gltiches. I mean to wait patiently for applications for the Storm and not have to listen to iPhone users I know who remind me how many apps there are for their iPhone. I mean to wait as Slingplayer Mobile that was released for some Blackberry’s becomes available for the Storm (and VZW).

  22. My resolution is to take control of the beta craving and stick with official OS releases 🙂

  23. Ringo was a good app in my WinMo days. Love the option where sms can be personalize to individual contacts.

  24. My resolution for 2009 is to get organised with my new Storm 9500. One device that does it all. I will be getting the Bluetooth Audio Gateway next, then all i need is flipside to take control of my tunes. All the best for 2009!

  25. I resolve to use my BB to make better use of my time and clear some of the backlog of things I want to do. I have a tonne of training videos that have been waiting for me to get a chance to view them, so I’ve started converting them so I can watch them on my BB when I have to wait in offices or whatever.

  26. I will update my OS every time a new beta comes out. And I will try not to check it at dinner time :O(

  27. my resolution for 2009 is to change my curve 8320 to the new curve for t-mobile or buy a unlock storm and make sure that i still have my free internet yea FREE INTERNET .i have free internet with my phone with tmobile any one need to know contact. i’m not leaving my pin number for my security and i know how to unlock any phone from tmobile so contact me …….

  28. RMy resolution is to make money and I will be starting a new business for the bb!

  29. My resolution is to buy my Bold 9000,that’s Cool! 🙂

    FlipSide MP3 Player is the best media player in my opintion,so,I wish I can get it!

  30. Damn Viigo

  31. I hope that my BB will force me this year much harder to not miss any deadlines. 😉

  32. I hope that my BB will help me to forget about less deadlines than in 2008. 😉

  33. @admin: Sorry for the double post. Please feel free to remove this and the post above. Thank you!

  34. Well I brought my blackberry bold and gave up smoking both last month. My New Year Resolution is to never go back to smoking and always remain faithful to the BB as a inspiration to acheiving my goals.

  35. My new year’s resolution is to better stay in touch with my family, who are scattered across the fifty states. My blackberry is the cornerstone of this resolution as I will use twitterberry to post about the minutae in my life, email for the longer stuff, and upload shots of the grandkids diectly to flickr on the go. Blackberry is bringing families together. [insert diety] bless us, everyone.

  36. I am going to use blackberry to help me keep organized and advance myself at work with its business functionality while enjoy myself with entertainment offered by blackberry.These are my new year resolution.

  37. My resolution is to actually track my schedule for once and manage my finances better using apps on the blackberry.

  38. I have used Habit Master in the passed and have had much success. I will be using that to help with eating healthier along with the Calorie Counter. I am self employed and have resolved to spend more time with my family. I will be using my BB and actually scheduling that time in it. Looking forward to a healthier, organized, and relaxing 2009.

  39. One of my resolutions is to keep in touch with my friends and family. After downloading the new socialscope app, I hope to be able to be in touch with my twitter and facebook friends.

    I am also looking for the ultimate contact management software for blackberry….and leads?

  40. yeah i love giveaways!!
    i really want the txtforward
    and this year i want to change mi old curve for the new one!

  41. I have loaded my bb with tunes and got earbuds and we are off tothe gym to listen and catch up my reading of postings

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