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SBSH SafeWallet Pro 1.05 Released – Storm & 8220 Support

safewalletpro Tom also let me know that SBSH has updated their SafeWallet Pro application for BlackBerry to version 1.0.2434 and their desktop client to 1.05. You can pick up the new version OTA at this link or you can find the full version in the store at this link or at

This new update brings Storm & 8220 Pearl Flip support along with a bunch of other features detailed below:

  1. BlackBerry Support for Latest Storm and 8220 Flip Devices One of the most important improvements with this new version is the support for latest BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry 8220 Flip devices!
    For the past two weeks or so, since the release of these new devices, we’ve been receiving reports from users using these new devices experiencing different navigation problems. These bugs were a result of some of the changes implemented by RIM with the new operating system update. This new version takes care of all of these reports and users using these new device models can now start using SafeWallet on their BB device back again without any problem!
  2. Drag and Drop Support One of the greatest new additions with this new version of the SafeWallet PC companion will have to be the new Drag & Drop support! With Drag & Drop support users can now easily move cards between folders simply by dragging them from the content of one folder to another. Drag & Drop is now supported completely across the entire PC companion application.
  3. Copy, Cut, Paste. Faster Shortcuts Navigation A lot of focus was placed on improving the navigation and content management with this new SafeWallet version. With this new PC companion version you can start using default Windows shortcuts, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P, to Cut, Copy and Paste your items between different folders easily and quickly!
  4. Auto-Lock Replacing Auto-Close The new PC companion version now replaces the older Auto-Close feature which closed SafeWallet after X seconds with a new Auto-Lock. Unlike the previous Auto-Close, the new Auto-Lock locks all current active wallet to the PC tray-bar, placing a small wallet icon on your tray bar whenever your wallet is locked. Double clicking the wallet icon will request the password of the wallet and unlock your wallet right away, providing the user with the fastest way to easily access your wallet at any time you need it.
    Within SafeWallet Settings you will find an option to configure the X minutes value before auto-lock is triggered. When triggered a small window will also show to provide indication that auto-lock feature is about to get activated 30 seconds prior to activation time
  5. Favorites Support New Favorites support added on both the PC companion and the BlackBerry version. You can now easily right-click any of your cards and mark them as favorite cards. Favorite cards are presented in a special folder where you can easily locate all of your favorite cards any time in the fastest way possible!
  6. New XML Settings Format This change is mainly behind the scenes. SafeWallet settings are now stored in XML file instead of your PC registry. There are several good benefits moving to this newer settings format since registry-settings stored is considered an older format. However, I mention this here since users who are upgrading from the previous official version release to this new version will be asked to re-enter their registration details when installing this new version.

This is required due to the change in settings-location. The same registration that you received for the previous version when registering SafeWallet will also work with this new version of course

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  1. There was an Desktop Manager installation issue on some devices that was subsequently corrected with version 1.06 — the release notes for 1.05 still apply to 1.06.

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