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Review: WildCharger – Wireless Charging Unit For BlackBerry

img00036-20081227-2235Review: WildCharger – Wireless Charging Unit For BlackBerry
[Rating: 8]
Cost: $79.99 For Pad & Skin

We, BlackBerry Addicts, are constantly running our batteries down; whether or not we’d like to admit it. And many of us don’t like to lug around travel chargers or USB cords. So for this exact reason, the good people at WildCharge came up with a different type of charger for us. It’s called WildCharger.

This innovative charging pad is the size of a typical mousepad which is powered by an AC adapter. The charging is done with the WildCharge Skin. The skin has contact points on the back that accepts the charge from the Pad. It doesn’t matter which way you place your BlackBerry on the pad, its guaranteed to receive a charge that is just as quick as if it was plugged into the wall. Just stretch the skin over your BlackBerry, and, voila! Charging made simple.


I had the opportunity to test this and I must say that its a great idea. When I get to work, after catching up on emails during my daily commute, I just place my BlackBerry on the pad and by the time I’m ready for my coffee break, its all charged up and ready to start shooting off new emails and texts.

The WildCharger Bundle for Pearl (which was used for this review) and Curve contain the WildCharger Skin, WildCharger Pad and AC adapter and is sold for $79.99. The Pad and Skin can also be purchased separately for $34.99 and $49.99, respectively.

Manufacturer Specs:

WildCharger Bundle: Charge Pad & Skin for BlackBerry Pearl 8110/20/30 & BlackBerry Curve 8300

Enable your BlackBerry Pearl 8110/20/30 and BlackBerry Curve 8300 smartphones for wire-free charging with the WildCharge Skin.  WildCharge technology is integrated into a flexible protective gel cover (“skin”) that fits snugly over the body of the BlackBerry. Embedded into the back of the protective skin is the WildCharge contact module that makes electrical connection with the surface of the WildCharger Pad. Available in matte black only.


  • Charging took just as long as if on normal AC Adapter.
  • Easy to use. Just place on the WildCharge Pad with the skin installed on your BlackBerry.


  • A tad bit pricey but is the only wireless charger on the market.

NOTE: Like when using any type of magnet, exercise caution when placing your BlackBerry near credit cards while installed in the skin. The contact points are magnetic and might de-magnetize your cards.

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  1. I don’t know, it doesn’t seem very much more practical than the official silver cradle pod for Curve & Pearl.

  2. That’s funny, it says:
    “And many of us don’t like to lug around travel chargers or USB cords”
    How is this any different?
    I mean a skin that you have to keep track of as well?
    Brilliant! but no thanks.

  3. This is stupid it is no more wireless charging than a charging pod is. Who wants to lug all the junk around?
    I would rather buy 2 charging pods for 40 dollars, one for the office and another for the house, then purchase this ugly mess for 80 dollars.

  4. Pointless in my opinion. It seems the industry is littered with these type of products that serve no purpose. It seems there is always a silver lining, but I’m not certain in this case. “Wireless charging” that requires you to put a special skin on your device and lug around a charging pad. The original wire charger is not only smaller, but is quicker to use and also allows you access your device files when used via usb.

    The sad part is that I am sure someone will purchase this thinking it adds value. Very sad. 🙁

  5. Have to agree with the trend of the comments so far…what’s the point? I can buy a enough regular Blackberry chargers for $80 to have one in every room of my house, AND my office, and not lug around this monstrousity. Let alone have the wart on the back of my phone this thing requires in order to work. I mean, I guess if there were charger pads all over the world that I could just set my berry on to get a quick juice up, this concept could become useful, but it’s hard to see how it is at all practical as it stands.

  6. That’s why we do reviews. It let’s you know if something is not for you. Personally I think the huge charging mat and required skin defeat the purpose of wireless charging… But that’s just me 🙂

  7. Actually this is not the only wireless charger for BlackBerry devices. — But I do agree, I’d rather just use a regular USB cable or wall charger.

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