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Leaked BES 5.0 & OS 5.0 Combined Feature List – I Can’t Wait!!!

onfire If this is not proof that RIM does listen to their users then I don’t know what is! On the last night of Hanukah Luis sent me a link to a list posted by Simon @ IntoMobile listing the HOT new features coming in BES 5.0 when combined with the upcoming BlackBerry OS 5.0. I know some of these features will really make a difference and are just small little quirks that I cannot believe were not fixed before. Just the ability to flag an email is going to be a game changer for me.

First of all let me say that all of these features require OS 5.0 for your BlackBerry so even if BES 5.0 is released next week not all of them will be enabled. For the record I also have no clue when either of them will be released but my guess is WES 2009.

  • OS 5.0: Flag messages and set reminder times on your BlackBerry!!!
  • OS 5.0: View personal contact subfolders and edit contacts! Until now BES used to put all of your contacts into the Contacts application even if they were in different folders.
  • OS 5.0: You will be able to view and use contacts that are in public folders and copy them to your local contact list if you have permissions.
  • OS 5.0: You will have a file browser to access shared network locations to open, add, or save documents. You will be able to see document information from there such as file type, size, and date
  • OS 5.0: Forward meeting invitations and calendar entries from your BlackBerry
  • OS 5.0: Ability to add, delete, move, or rename personal folders
  • OS 5.0: Ability to view personal distribution lists that you have in your Outlook contacts and send email to them.
  • RIM is working on a solution to make emails that come from your BlackBerry look exactly like they would if they came from Outlook. I always hated the fact that people could see that I was on my Berry.
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  1. And a new BIS? When it come?

  2. At least they stopped converting everything to plain text when BES 4.1.5 came about. It will still be plain text when you originate a new message from the BB but if you reply to one, people can’t tell you are on the BB anymore. These features look cool, but given RIM’s tendency to delay everything by about a year, I’m not holding my breath. Remember how long it took to get BES 4.1.5 and OS 4.5?

  3. Yeah but I can confirm that BES 5.0 Beta 4 is already out so things are getting pretty stable…

  4. Sorry, but as a normal BIS consumer, this feature list is really, really lame. Seriously, we have to wait 5 months for this? And that’s being optimistic–come on now, it’s RIM; we all know it will be closer to 1 year or more from now.

  5. The funny part is that they sent us two takedown notices for information we posted before about bes 5.0 but when somebody else does… 🙂 makes you wonder what they are being all secretive about

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