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TeleNav 5.1 Now Supports The BlackBerry Storm

telenavstorm Tashanna let me know that TeleNav is now supporting the BlackBerry Storm. You can see it showcased on the front of their website now for individuals. I can see the touchscreen being a real asset for the app so this could be really cool. The BoyGenius seems to be really digging it.

They have a 30 day trial at this link. You can see the Storm is now on the supported devices list at this link. A good feature comparison can be found on this matrix just scroll down to the BlackBerry section.

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  1. I took it off, I loaded a feed yet, it tries to download all prior episodes. I just want the current shpws. Also does it download to the memory card?

  2. I currently have VZNav since I switched to Verizon from TeleNav when I was with Sprint. So far I like Telenav better and mainly for one reason: your favorites are saved on the server and not on the device. So when i upgrade software I don’t have to reenter my home location and it also saves previous searches. I will try out the Telenav and see how it works

  3. So you still gotta pay the verizon tax to use it?

  4. $10/month to unlock an already included GPS chipset.

  5. This is not really free. You have to pay $9.99 for this free app. I suppose that if you don’t like it you can get your money back, but that is way to much hassle for me. I will stick with VZ Nav.

  6. I just loaded TeleNav for my Storm, and I love it. It’s the same price as every other nav application at $9.99/mo. There is no other “tax” as someone suggested. I also tried VZ Nav, and I like TeleNav much better. This is awesome!

  7. “tax” was a sarcastic term for the $10/mo charge. There’s no reason for that charge. Just like there should be no reason tocharge for SMS. It costs them nothing to use the GPS chips in your phone. I can understand the monthly charge if it wasn’t smart phone that needed to talk to a server but a BB can have all map data be local on an SD card.

  8. Yes Verizon charges for it. That’s a well known fact by now. Why everyone uses reviews to gripe is beyond me. You get what you pay for. I’d rather pay $10/mo and get good service & data plans… And a non-open-to-everyone-in-the-universe unblocked GPS. Its a privacy issue for me. Big time. If you don’t want that… Go to another carrier. Simple fix.

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