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Sunclock – FREE World Clock J2ME App

Last week we told you about the free Weather app from Gergely Gati. Some of you had serious problems getting it to work but most people seem to have enjoyed it. So I thought I would mention that Gati has another application that DavidB and Rony told me about. It worked like a charm on my Bold using the 320 version. It shows you the time in your city along with 4 other cities. It also shows you where on the globe it is currently daylight which is really cool!

sunclock[2] sunclock[3]

The best part is that it is free! Sadly CDMA devices and other users have reported problems with the previous app from Gati but it might just work. Let us know in the comments!

Project page:
OTA download:


Sunclock is a J2ME Midlet for mobile devices that displays a map of the Earth and indicates the illuminated portion of the globe by drawing sunlit areas dark on light, night areas as light on dark. In addition to providing local time for the default timezone, it also displays up to four additional cities on the map with the local times also. The map updated every minute to follow the movement of the earth.

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  1. Using this on a bold. Both Time and Shading are showing incorrectly.

  2. Those pictures are taken on my bold on at&t. Maybe you need apn settings to be set?

  3. works on my cdma pearl. but then again, it doesn’t use an internet connection once you’ve downloaded it.

  4. Neither this nor the author’s Weather program are running on my 8310. I have been in contact with the author who acknowledges many problems with getting both apps work work on various Blackberry models. He also promises to do his best to fix the problems. The problem on my ‘Berry is that neither app is able to connect to the server. The screenshots look great, and the apps are free. Given both of those, I’m willing to wait and give the author some time to get things working correctly.

  5. Works great on my Storm

  6. This is nice app I got it on my8130 pearl cmda phone but sadly doesn’t work. It can’t find any cities. Hope it gets worked on the problem soon.

  7. I got it working on a VZW 8330 Curve but what a pain in the behind to get it to work correctly. Of the five cities it displays whichever is edited last becomes the main city (translation: your local timezone that everything is keyed from) so you have to write down everything for all the cities you want then key it is from least significant up to most significant. It’d be great if the author gave a way to manually promote cities into the main/key slot.

  8. Blackberry Beard:
    Hit the menu key. Select Cities. Highlight the city you want to be the main city. Hit the menu key. Select >Main and the app copies your highlighted city to be the main city.

  9. I could not on my 8320 find any cities at all. Therefore could never work.

  10. Sorry guys. This app is a bit of hit and miss when it comes to device support though when it works it is awesome!

  11. Sounds like it’s worth an attempt on my at&t bold

  12. Got version 1.326 working on my curve without any problems. Awesome !!

    From what I gather the number after the file name is related to the pixel width of the screen.

    I used 320 on the curve.

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