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Worldbook World Encyclopedia – CIA World Factbook On Your Berry

Intellibits just let me know that they have launched a new eBook/app for BlackBerry called Worldbook. It essentially gives you the CIA World Factbook in your pocket. The CIA World Factbook is a geographic encyclopedia about every country giving you a ton of details from their flag to the population. I know most of this information is on Wikipedia but I am sure somebody will find a reason why they would need such an app. If you do feel free to fill me in. 🙂

Worldbook is available now in the store for a pricey $8.99. Sadly there is no free trial… Worldbook takes a whopping 8mb of space but it can be stored on your SD card. They also require OS 4.5+.

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From the description:

Ever wondered where a little state exactly is, when they talk about it on TV or the newspapers? Curious about its background, geography, political situation, economy, religion, people? With Worldbook this and many other information is always in your pocket!
Worldbook is like a mini encyclopedia about all the countries in the world. And it’s very accurate, since it takes its data from the CIA World Factbook, that the USA agency compiles and updates every year!
It’s comprehensive, useful, lightning fast and easy to use…a must have for people that want to be aware of the world they live in.


  • 263 countries in locally installed archive
  • Country list filtered as you type
  • Lightning fast and easy access to all information
  • No internet / data connection is required
  • Data (8MB) can be installed on the device’s memory or the SD card
  • Works on all devices with OS 4.5 and above
  • Free updates for ever! (will be updated with new editions of the CIA World Factbook)
  • For each and every state, it provides the following information:
  • 1) Zoomable flag and map images
  • 2) Overview: preliminary statement and background
  • 3) Geography: overview, location, coords, area comparative, boundaries, coastline, maritime claims, climate, terrain, elevation extremes, natural resources, land use, irrigated land, natural hazards and more
  • 4) People: population, age structure, median age, population growth rate, birth rate, death rate, net migration rate, sex ratio, infant mortality rate, life expectancy at birth, total fertility rate, hiv/aids data, major infectious diseases, nationality, ethnic groups, religions, languages, literacy, education expenditures and more
  • 5) Government: political structure, dependency status, government type, capital, administrative divisions, dependent areas, independence, national holiday, constitution, legal system, suffrage, executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, political parties and leaders, political pressure groups and leaders, flag description and more
  • 6) Economy: overview, GDP data, labor force, unemployment rate, population below poverty line, household income, investment, budget, fiscal year, public debt, inflation rate, stock of money, agriculture, industries data, electricity data, oil data, natural gas data, exports, imports, economic aid, currency and more
  • 7) Communications: telephones, telephone system, radio broadcast stations, radios, television broadcast stations, televisions, internet hosts, ISPs, internet users and more
  • 8) Transportation: airports, heliports, pipelines, railways, roadways, waterways, merchant marine, ports and terminals
  • 9) Military: branches, service age and obligation, manpower available for military service, expenditures
  • 10) Transnational issues: international disputes, refugees and internally displaced persons, illicit drugs

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS 4.5 and above
  • 8MB of free space, either on the device’s memory or on the external SD card

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