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Reminder: Speculated RIM Roadmap For 2009-10

I have been getting quite a few questions recently from readers asking about upcoming BlackBerry devices. I have also heard some pretty solid details recently about some upcoming devices like a touchscreen Bold and slider Storm that seem to verify certain information shown below.


For the life of me I cannot remember when this slide came out but Hudss sent me a link to an article on Silicon Alley Insider that republished it. I know this is nothing new but I thought I would post it again just to answer those of you who keep on asking me about upcoming devices. According to the screenshot it came from and the BoyGeniusReport but I could not find the direct link.

It lists:

  • EV-DO Bold 9030 Niagara – EV-DO bold with possible HSPA for roaming. Verizon, Sprint, Bell, & TELUS
  • EV-DO Curve 8930 Jupiter – EV-DO 8900 Javelin – Verizon, Sprint, Bell, & TELUS
  • EV-DO Pearl 8230 Apex Flip – EV-DO version of Pearl Flip – Verizon, Sprint, Bell, & TELUS
  • 3G Curve 9220 Magnum – 3G HSPA version of 8900 Curve. May be announced at WES 2009 – AT&T, Rogers…
  • Touchscreen Bold 9900 Pluto – Bold with touchscreen – Also a possible WES 2009 announcement – AT&T, Rogers…
  • Storm Slider – Unconfirmed Storm
  • Refreshed Pearls – Pearls with HSDPA/3G. High res screen… & more
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  1. I’d love the Niagara to upgrade from my Curve, but from what I’ve read it may have the specs of toe Bold but totally wrecks the form factor.

  2. Finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel. A Bold for CDMA, thank you!

  3. What no T-Mobile? Once of these nice 89XX devices must be coming to T-Mo, but which one?

  4. I was going to say the same thing as nikolaus…no T-MOBILE?!?! Geeze. The curve 8900 javeline phone sounds great, but it sure would be nice to go from the current curve to a 3G blackberry…might make the upgrade seem a little more worth it. Somebody needs to find out if T-mobile is getting SOMETHING.

  5. @ popo341

    Don’t celebrate TOO fast, while the Niagara will have the functionalit of the Bold, from what I’ve read it completely destroys the awesome form factor. Hope those drawings were out of date.

    RE TMobile

    I may be wrong but it was my understanding that TMobile’s 3G system is different from everybody else’s so they will need a whole new chip to have a 3G variant.

  6. I’m eagerly waiting for the 9900 Pluto!!! Please release it soon!!!!!!!

  7. Bold…touchscreen.. ::drool::drool:: Wow. And here I was contemplating jumping to AT&T for the Bold from VZW and my Curvce. I might have to wait this one out.

    Now..what about a touchscreen bold CDMA? that would be haute!

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