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HOT! VyMail: Free Unofficial Visual Voicemail Client For YouMail

I know quite a few of you are using the free YouMail service to get your voicemail as a email attachment. Tashanna pointed me to a forum post on CrackBerry where JoeKrill announced the release of his unofficial visual voicemail client for YouMail. It is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself! YouMail should buy it from him.

The app essentially lets you see all of your YouMail voicemails and play them automagically. 🙂 The best part is that it works like a charm. PhoneTag offers a similar app (called simulsays) but it is buggy as all hell and their service has a high monthly fee. YouMail is free and you can sign up at this link.

VyMail_screen_message_list VyMail_screen_message_detail

You can check out the details about VyMail at the project page:

OTA download is available at this link:
Please let us know what you think!


Note: This app should work on OS 4.1+ devices with the exception of a Storm running Verizon’s OS. There’s a pretty major flaw in that version which prevents the app from routing sound through the speakerphone speaker, so it will only work through the headset in that case.

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  1. Wow GREAT find. I’ve been wait
    ing for this forever. Wo
    rks great on the 9530. Props to the publisher

  2. Youmail isn’t free anymore

  3. @coldcc
    Yes it is. They only charge for transcription.
    From their FAQ:
    Q. Is YouMail really free?

    Yes. YouMail does not charge for its basic service, nor does it intend to. Our users can also avoid or minimize any charges from wireless carriers by having a nationwide calling plan and/or a text messaging plan.

  4. Is this service endorced by youmail. Is it secure?

  5. @matt
    It is not endorsed by youmail and I have no idea if it is secure. I don’t really get anything confidential in a voicemail other than “call me back” you can always ask the developer…

  6. Is youmail only limited to the US?
    I can’t find anything on their website, but it looks like I can’t use it from Germany.

    • My guess is that it is not forbidden in Germany. However, you would not want to call in to check your voicemail ever to avoid expensive international rates.

      • Yes, not forbidden, but I can’t type in a german cell phone number in the sign up page.
        We don’t have this style xxx – xxx – xxxx

        And I fully agree, I don’t want to call or forward calls to an international number.

  7. youmail is awesome, i was able to check my voicemails online while i was on vacation.

  8. has anyone gotten their voicemail to actually download to their berry in the vymail-inbox, i hit sync now and nothing happens(i have voicemail messages and using youmail) .my options are set with number and pin .?

  9. I have the same problem as duck383.

    anyone have any luck?

  10. You guys aren’t the only ones… Iv’e been trying to get this to work since this was posted.

  11. Same here. Nothing shows up. Even added a new voicemail with this running and hit sync now. Got the email that said I had a voicemail, but nothing in the program…

  12. For anyone having trouble getting voicemail to load… I had to remove the 1 in front of my phone number under options. Once I did this and entered my 4-digit youmail pin I was good to go.

  13. I got it. Also you don’t need to press alt when entering your PIN. It defaults to entering numbers. I entered my PIN in the phone number field then cut and pasted (ha! Take that iphone! 😉 it into the PIN field just to make sure.

  14. I couldn’t get it working with my 8310. Decided to uninstall. It’s not THAT hard to listen to my voicemails by calling Youmail.

  15. For those who can’t get it to work…take the advice of bwgrigg. Take the “1” out of the phone number field and then save. works like a charm!

  16. Thanks bwgrigg! Knew it HAD to be something simple… 🙂

  17. I had to scrap YouMail after a prospective client – now client – told me that he left me a few messages that I had never received. He wasn’t the only one. I received many complaints that attempts to leave voice mail were very unsuccessful.

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