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FREE Weather App At GetJar By Gergely Gati

Rony let me know about a slick BlackBerry compatible weather app that he found on The app is quite feature full and works quite well. The feature list speaks for itself. The developer has specifically address BlackBerry problems in the past so support should be pretty good.

You can find it also on the developers site at this link. OTA install is available at this link: Just make sure to select the right Jar file for the size of your screen. The 320 version works like a charm on my Bold. The screenshots below are from my Bold:

weather[4] weather[5]

Thanks for the free app Gergely Gati!

From the description:

The Weather midlet is a Java application for mobile devices to check the weather conditions in different locations. Download the new measurement and forecast data any time using the Refresh menu item. There are different views in the Weather midlet and you can change the views with the Up/Down navigation buttons. In the bottom-left corner you’ll find the elapsed time from the last data source refresh. It’s measured not from the refresh button press on the phone but the refresh of the real computed/measured data on the server. The Autorefresh option makes it possible to refresh the meteorological data automatically in regular intervals. Currently there are three main views:


You can check the current weather conditions in your locations at the same screen with this view. Basically this is a list with the selected cities and the current conditions of the locations.


This is a four days forecast for one location at a time. You can change the locations with the Left/Right navigation buttons. You can check the top and the low temperatures and the forecasted precipitation amount for the four consecutive days for each locations.

Current conditions

You can see the current detailed weather conditions for each locations. Change between locations with the Left/Right navigation buttons. The following data is available on this screen (from top to down):

  • Temperature
  • RealFeel™ temperature
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Pressure value and tendency
  • Relative Humidity
  • Precipitation amount
  • Sunset/Sunrise time

You can use this midlet in conjunction with the Sunclock midlet. If you already use the Sunclock, the Weather will import your city settings from it. Otherwise you will get the default city set. You can modify the cities with the Cities menu item or you can search locations on the internet using the Search menu. It is possible to change the units between metric and american system. There are an update function where you can check any software updates using the Update menu item. The Help and About functions will display the usual information screens, getting help, checking version and so on.

Hotkeys: #-exit 1-search 2-refresh 3-update 4-cities 5-autorefresh 6-units 7-variants 8-font 9-about 0-fullscreen

If you find layout problems you may check the other available variants using the ‘Variant’ function. This function doesn’t change the layout immediately it’s just sets your required variant if you will make an ‘Update’ in the future. The system will allow the update even if there aren’t newer version out there if you changed the preferred variant here.

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  1. I was excited by this, but since I searched for “Dallas” or “Dallas tx” and got no results, I think I’ll stick with WeatherEye.

  2. Yup, it can’t find anything. Crap.

    Dear editors, please TRY the apps before “just making another post”, thank you.

  3. so far working on my pearl 8120 , found my major city (denver) and the and the county im in (will see what the future holds)

  4. Same as above; couldn’t find cincinnati ohio

  5. Read the help file. You can use the search facility to find your city. I live in a small town in NJ – it found it.

  6. Worked great for me. Make sure when you search you enter city, state. I found every city I searched for.

  7. Not working. Really wanted to try something other than Weather eye or Weather Bug

  8. Nope. Didn’t work for me either.

  9. This DOES not work on blackberries. That’s why you get no data when you download this silly app!! Just checked the website and they have no listing for bb,§! It works with sony’nokia phones.
    I don’t know how you got it to work on your bold?

  10. No luck finding Nashville on an 8310 with 4.5.

  11. I downloaded it ota to my 8830 ( without any problems, but it couldn’t find any US cities I tried. I tried with the city name, city/state, city/state/zip, and it couldn’t find any. I tried, among others, New York, Washington, and Atlanta.
    Couldn’t find any of them, even adding US

    Note: May not work on cdma phones. From the Weather website :
    Warning! Weather midlet requires a GPRS, EDGE or similar phone based data connection that offers Internet access.

  12. Hey guys don’t know what to tell you. The app worked like a charm on my Bold without a hitch. Could be CDMA phones do not work but I don’t have one to test it on. On the other hand those screenshots are of my Bold and it found New York just fine when I searched for “New York.” Really sorry if it does not work for you…

  13. Hey, I’m the developer and I see there are a lot of problems on BB systems. Actually I had a lot of problems with BB devices in the past too. On monday I’ll go back to the office and I’ll bring my office notebook home to test it on BB emulator with the newest firmware. Two friends of mine has BB and the midlets are working fine on their machines. I’ll try to do my best to fix every issue! Thanks for your interests! ciao, gega

  14. gega-

    Thanks for extra effort. Also, some of us are always looking for new Blackberry apps- especially for my BOLD.

  15. gega:
    I am running a Sprint 8330 OS CDMA EVDO and am having the same result as most others posted here. No data. I did a reset hoping would help but still nothing. This app looks nice, I hope you get it working for us as I would love to try it out.

  16. Works great on my AT&T Bold (OS Found Washington, DC and Concord, NH (the two cities I track) without any problems. Also found Denver and Dallas. Nice app.

  17. It works fine with my BB Storm. City: Dresden, Germany.

  18. working fine on my Verizon Storm with a bunch of towns in NY.

  19. Worked great on my CDMA Verizon BB 7130e, but it didn’t work at all on my CDMA Verizon BB 8130 Pearl. Not sure why, would love to get a fix for the Pearl, its a great app when it works!

    • Thanks for the info, now I’ll try to fix it tomorrow if the problem appear on the 8130 emulator too. The office was already closed when I arrived today but tomorrow morning I’ll try it! Thanks for the feedback from everybody I’ll fix it asap.

  20. WTF? Why do some people say it doesn’t work on Blackberries.
    The developer site lists also a Blackberry.
    I’m pretty sure that all people have tested it who write that it works.

    I’m sure Ronan made his screenshots on his own Blackberry.

    It’s also working smoothly on my Blackberry Bold. OS 4.6.

    I added US and German cities.

    For the guys with “no data”, maybe it’s the way how you connect to the internet. Missing APN settings?
    I create connections over the BES.

    • Have you seen that all the people that says it works have BOLD, and the people that says not work has 83xx or 81xx?
      In my case BB8310 BES not work, I have No Data message, can’t search cities, and yes, I have Internet connection and the APN is correctly configured, and other apps like Opera, Gmail, Gtalk, WLM, Yahoo Go, etc… work correctly.

      • Yes, I noticed that. And this is what I exactly want to test after xmas. Unfortunately nobody around me have a 83xx or 81xx device but I hope the problem will show up on emulator too. Another possibility maybe the network access server – sometimes there are problems with company servers but I think there are something else in this case. I’ll working on this problem in the beginning of January and I think the support of this community (with testing for example) would be very important. Merry Christmas for everybody!

      • Yes, I saw that people with problems have 83xx series.
        But it was not very nice to read the “yelling” about a free app. And it looks like Gergely is absolutely willing to fix it.

        I just asked a friend of mine with a 8310 (Curve) and it is working for him too. No issues. He has Firmware

      • Thanks gega for your effort. My support for testing. Great app.

  21. works fine on sony-ericssons w960, only the city-search needed a long time.

    thx for this great app gega :-*

  22. Just wanted to chime in and let you all know that I tried this app (OTA link. 320 jad ver) on my new AT&T Bold and it can not find “Atlanta, GA” “New York, NY”, or “Tokyo, Japan”. Or anything else I throw at it. Just letting you all know 🙂

  23. Hello! I just released a new version of Weather which try to fix the BlackBerry issues discussed here earlier. Many thanks to Phred from Boston who helped me a lot to find the bug and develop the fix. Please let me know if it’s working finally or please report any malfunctions, I’ll try to fix them ASAP. Install the new version via the Update menu item or visit the website and download the version which you need.

  24. Oh and one more word for BlackBerry owners. I think it’s better to use the 240 pixel wide version on BB due to the strange (i.e. dislike other phones) screen aspect ratio.

  25. I want to publicly thank Gergely for the time and effort he put in to getting this issue resolved. I’m running a 8310 curve and the latest version (1.1.18) runs perfectly. And I”m using the 320 pixel version. If you’re updated from a previous (working or non-working) version, you’ll be asked if you want to keep your old data (cities) or not. If you’re a first-timer and you have Gergely’s Sunclock installed and set up, Weather will import the cities from Sunclock. Great app!!! Great price!!! Great support when problems arise!!! Next time you have a problem with an app, especially a free app from an independent developer, try e-mailing him/her first before bad-mouthing the product. You’d be amazed what a little communication can do.

  26. Just dl’ed the new version to my vzn 8830; tried the 320 resolution.


    Everything seems functional. My only complaint is that the pgm asks for permission to access the server to update, even tho all permissions are set to “Allow”.

    I like the display; easy to read; doesn’t seem to be taking much memory, and the icon is a nice touch.

    Thanks for your efforts!

  27. I now works great on my ATT 8310 running 4.5.x. Thanks for all of the work to get it working.

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