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yourshortcutmobi Joe let me know about a new site that he has launched called He has categorized over 300 mobile links for easy access from your browser. Its a pretty fun site if you just want to discover some good mobile content. If you feel like a link is missing you can easily email the webmaster and have it added lickity-split.

Check it out at and let us know what you think!

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  1. and this exemplifies why i migrated away from Blackberry. i love the pushed email and pretty much survived on it, but the internet experience on all of their devices is just horrid… even with the Bold and Storm. they just need a real browser, and Opera Mini just doesn’t cut it.

    i wish BB users wouldnt tolerate RIM’s lack of desire to innovate to force them into building something worthy of their fandom.

  2. To each their own, but I can browse an awful lot with this “horrid” browser. I don’t know what “a real browser” means to you. Do you mean the iPhone? Do you mean the blatant LIE of trying to convince people that a 3-inch screen is fit for pages that are designed for 19-inch screens without any modification? Do you mean “drag tap enlarge scroll tap reduce drag again tap enlarge over and over and over”?
    You must hate copy-and-paste.

  3. I’ve contributed a bit to this site and find it very useful so as I don’t have to save a butt load of bookmarks. As for the BlackBerry browser, it works for my mobile needs just fine and use my desktop when I need to.

  4. The ‘Berry browser works just fine for me when I want to surf while waiting for something. In fact, when my Comcast internet went down for almost a week, this was a good enough substitute. I use it a lot when I’m up at my mother-in-law’s where she only has dial-up. I wouldn’t want to live off this small screen, but it does the job I expect and does it well.

  5. Wanted to thank everyone for the link requests and for using the site. now has over 500 mobile sites now by category. Keep using the link requests at the bottom of each page as the site continues to grow.

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