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HOT! BlackBerry Virtual OS Running On Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro ScreenCandy – AKA BlackBerry Application Suite

UPDATE: Hmmm, well you’ve come here expecting to see a BlackBerry OS running on a WinMo device… Why would you want that anyway ? BlackBerry is a better all round product by far. It doesn’t crash every couple of minutes, awesome email capability and ahhh, heck, just go out and get a BlackBerry instead. (This is a BlackBerry site so we are required to say that :))

In light of unforeseen circumstances we have decided to remove the BAS article(s)… Sorry! It will be out in the wild soon enough anyway, so you’ll all get a good look and play with it then.
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  1. speechless

    A truly social Network for Blackberry Users and Abusers

  2. That’s effin hawt!!!

  3. does bbm work on this?!

  4. just buy a blackberry???

  5. sweet! an arguably archaic OS running on top of an undisputedly archaic OS stuff into a desirable piece of hardware.

    note to RIM and MS… hurry up and make with the brand new OS’s you guys know you’re overdue for.

  6. Nooooeeess!!!11

    Hopefully they’ll NEVER release that. Think about the BB Connect clients on WiMo. They NEVER work good enough.

    Want BlackBerry? Get a BlackBerry Device! Want Windows Mobile? Go Synch with your Exchange! Anything in between? NOT GOOD!

  7. Supersauce, yes full PIN to PIN messaging and Blackberry Messenger works (see the screenshots for BB Messenger icon).

  8. Does the touchscreen work for selecting the icons (Storm-like)? I was trying to hold out for this before I got my BB as I love the form factor of the HTC Touch Pro.

  9. No!!! Wm should die! Crackberry for LIFE! lol

  10. If your not ready for this then just use the MobileMatt FuzeBerry Theme for TouchFlo 3D

  11. OS 4.2? That’s the best RiM can do with this? Why bother then…a 2+ year old BBOS on top of a 2+ year old winmo 6? If you’re gonna do it RIM, at LEAST be serious about it and nothing less than 4.5 will do.

    Hmmm…get this running 4.5 on Android and you have something. For the TMO lovers who RIM ignores with no TMO 3G berry in sight.

  12. Great a blackberry that crashes frequently.A

  13. Um, does that look like 4.2 to any of you?

  14. Sounds like M$ will own RIM soon 🙂

  15. get a blackberry??? I dont think so… Or Only if…
    If I have to choose between the bb push or exchange email service on my mobile device, I go with windows mobile.
    Problem: It does crash every couple of minutes… so your emails come in a few min. late or go out a few late…
    So why is not a bb device coming out with windows mobile software, so we would have the instant email push service + windows exchange
    in 1
    would be better than a virtual bb on windows mobile!

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    is more better.

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