OtterBox Releases Hard Case For The 8700 – Turns Out That The 8700 Is Still Widely Used

When I first got an email from OtterBox that they just released a case for the 8700 I did a double take. They don’t even have a case for the Storm yet and they are going back and creating one for the 8700? It didn’t make any sense.

Turns out I was wrong. After speaking to the good guys at OtterBox I learned a few things about the 8700. The 8700 is still used by quite a few companies. Law enforcement, military, and quite a few international customers have created such a demand that OtterBox went back and created a case for a device that was released years ago. They already have several orders from their distributors and expect the case to be a huge success.

Pretty impressive though it is kind of disheartening that people are still being issued 8700’s. On the other hand the 8700 was the last drop proof BlackBerry that I used. My 8800, Curve, & Bold all get paint chipped off them when you drop them. I used to drop my 8700 once a week and it barely showed.

So I have to ask. Who is still sporting a 8700? Sound off in the comments.

Below are a few pictures of the 8700 OtterBox:

RBB2-8700S-20-front RBB2-8700S-20-frontright RBB2-8700S-20-back RBB2-8700S-20-back-bc

About the case:

With three innovative layers,* this case provides an ideal solution for demanding lifestyles:

  • Layer 1:
    • Case includes two thermal formed PVC membranes, one fits the BlackBerry 8700 smartphone and one fits the BlackBerry 8700e smartphone, to protect keypad from dust and dirt (layer optional).
    • Built-in PC windows protect the screen and camera from scratches and dust intrusion
  • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell
  • Layer 3: Silicone skin absorbs bump and shock

The OtterBox for the BlackBerry 8700 series smartphones provides access to sync/charge jack through a silicone plug. A recessed, contoured opening provides scroll wheel access. Sound clearly transmits through acoustic vents on speakerphone and headset speaker. An included holster style swivel belt clip adds convenience.

Additional Information:

Environmental Protection:

  • Drop and Shock: Protection against drop, bump & shock
  • Water Protection: Not tested or recommended for water protection
  • Dust Intrusion: Dust does not enter in a sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of equipment


  • Layer 2: yellow or black
  • Layer 3: black
  • Belt clip: black

Dimensions (case only): 3.05” X 1.12” X 4.59″

Approximate Weight (case only, including layer 1): 3.0 oz (85.06 grams)

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  1. Honestly I see a lot of the 8700 series of blackberry all over town. Working in a technical support function we see a lot of calls with these devices as well.

  2. I still have mine! Although I only use the BestSkinEver on my 8700.

  3. I still have mine! Although I only use the BestSkinEver on my 8700.

  4. i see a ton of 8700s around town as well. i work at a hotel that does lots of conferences of all sorts. i saw about 15 8700s, 3 curves and 2 pearls today. (1 storm last night, first BES storm too. i have seen 3 other storms total besides my girlfriends)

    i replaced my 8703e with a storm almost a month ago. i kinda miss it, only because its a huge difference in experience, and the physical keyboard. i do like, almost love the storm.

  5. I would love to put up my hand and proclaim that I’m a 8700 user…. until last week. I’ve switched my 8707g to a Curve 8310.

    I’m in charge of mobile computing and communications in my company. And the 8707g is a very important model and matter of fact, the only one to sport 3G support.. which is essential for our execs and sales guys who need to travel or work in Japan and Korea.

    But of course… now we have the Bold for several of them. 🙂

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