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Telus 9530 Storm Available On Their Website

Mat just let me know that Telus has put the Storm order page up on their website. I know quite a few of you were waiting for this so check it out at this link. Not sure exactly when it popped up. According to one of our tipsters the Bell Storm will also be going for $249.99 with a 36 month contract.


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  1. If you take a look up top it says Quebec, hmmm not Ontario?

  2. Honestly I don’t know the first thing about how Canadian carriers work. 🙂 I just assumed that was like entering in your zip code on a US carriers site…

  3. You just select a province. The URL is simply from someone who selected Quebec. If you /qc/ in the URL with /on/ it will still work fine.

    On to the topic, just to clarify:

    It is only available to new subscribers and the rumours peg a scant number of devices available at corp stores and resellers. The likelihood of getting one prior to January is not very high (especially if you’re looking for a renewal).

  4. Well, I really don’t want the storm. I got my dirty fingers on one at telus.I just happen to walk in when the rep was there showing the demo.tried it’don’t like it. As they say (touchscreen) not, in my words its a push down and click screen. I guess its a play on words, yes your finger has to touch it but that’s All, now you have to push DOWN to open up stuff.
    So let say its a….(buttonscreen)
    I’m sure some of you out in blackberry world will like this, but I’m not waiting or run to the front of the line.
    I think I will wait for the new curve to come in at telus.
    For all you that get or have the storm I hope you injoy your new toy!

  5. I don’t care if it works as advertised or not. Those prices are INSANE. Thanks but no, thanks.

  6. Insane price ?? What did you expect !
    It’s a new phone, a “touchscreen” Bold.
    8830 is still selling for 650$, and this one is a world phone too, with more features and they sell it for cheaper.
    600$ seems like a veeery good deal to me.

  7. Bell just released it as well.

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