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Funny Video: Peek Fans Pull A Stunt In NYC

I don’t know if you have heard of the Peek device before. It is kind of like the original BlackBerry and only does email for a low monthly price. Some Peek fans actually pulled a funny stunt out in New York on the day the Storm was launched on Verizon. They had some guys walking around in prison suits chained to large cardboard imitations of the Storm. I guess they were protesting being locked into contracts.

Not sure if the stunt was worth it since the police shuffled them away pretty quick but its still worth a good laugh. I wonder what made them choose the Storm over the iPhone…

Check out the video at this link and Peeks editorial at this link.

via SlashGear via Engadget Mobile

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  1. What’s their point anyway? They hate the long contracts? Who is stopping them from buying an unlocked device at full price? That’s all it is, a deal. The carrier subsidizes part of the device’s price and you pledge to stick to the carrier for a given period. That’s fair.
    What I really hate, though, are locked devices. I’m on a contract! What else do they want? Why shouldn’t I be able to insert another chip in MY device and use it with another carrier? So long as I keep paying the subsidizer’s contract monthlies, what is wrong with giving us unlocked phones? What if I’m traveling to another state or country, why do I have to beg to unlock my own phone, or give money to the nearly clandestine phone unlock industry?

  2. to answer your question: because the Peek didnt exist when the iPhone was released AND because both devices serve a common sector of the market.

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