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AT&T OS Released For 8320 & 8820

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  1. Happy birthday Ronen, Luv your big sis-in-law from MN. Congrats on the new bundle of joy and pass on my blessing. Hope you have a great day. -Darla

  2. I have the T-Mo 8320. In order to get this to work as normal with T-Mo UMA(HotSpot) do I just have to delete the Vendor.xml file and that’s it? Anyone?

  3. Since CrackMem 3.1 has been release since yesterday I’m going to use that.

  4. uh 8320, but not the 8310… what is up with AT&T??

  5. Yeah what’s up with no 8310 love AT&T?

  6. This is ridiculous. I mean they did say that the new OS would be released mid sep. But we all know that means 2 months and now they release for those 2 phones and not even the 8310. RAR that really sucks, hopefully this release means a release for the 8310 very soon

  7. Ah!! This is so frustrating! Desktop Manager does not think it needs to update my phone OS, even through I currently have .102 and am trying to install .110. WHY WHY is there no way to tell Desktop Manager “I don’t care what you think, install the OS!!”

  8. Well I am not on hold with T-Mo to fix my 8320. Browser is gone, Docs2Go group is gone, and e-mail/service book management is gone too. Likely I’ll have to revert back to the T-Mo approved before I can up again to .102. If anyone with a T-M0 8320 gets this .110 upgrade to work, please please let me know. Thanks!

  9. where is the love for the 8300?!

  10. I got it to work with my T-Mobile curve . Install was straight forward, just remember to delete the Vendor.xml file. BTW, i was running .93 version before upgrade. All my icons are available still.

  11. I have the 8320 and the .110 version works fine.

  12. Ive been running .110 since this morning, at first my DM said i didnt need an upgrade but it did find it. so i just went into my apploader file and it did everything for me. Since then ive noticed a drastic change in the battery life, its noticably better. Browsing is faster and the new oc seems to run apps smooth with no delays. Im also on a Tmobile curve 8320

  13. @ Joe: I used CrackMem to delete the vendor.xml file. I am now running .81, but Desktop Manager says there are no upgrades for my device. What else might you suggest?

  14. Also make sure that you add the exclamation point to the end of that URL that I just posted.

  15. @ Nikolaus
    Make sure you are using DM 4.6 and not 4.7. There are others reporting errors when using DM 4.7.

  16. @ Joe: AH!!! I am using 4.7! I wonder if that will fix this 🙂 Danke Danke!

  17. I got .110 on my 8320 now. Thank you Joe and Raptor464. I just had to go back to DM 4.6 from 4.7 and make sure there was no DM Update software. Sweet!

  18. Also released for 8310 on At&t. Same Link.

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