Mini-Review: Golla Pouches For The Curve & Others

IMG00168Kristy sent in this mini-review she did about a new line of cases that I had never heard about. If you have a review that you would like to share send it in to [email protected] and we will take a look at it. You never know we will probably publish it if it is good. Its a great way for all of us to discover new products we would never have heard of otherwise.

I was looking for a new case for my Curve, and stumbled upon these amazing looking mobile pouches.  The maker is ‘Golla, Generation Mobile,’ and the company has this to say about their product:

“Golla has taken the world by storm with a unique idea:  To bring stylish bags into the world of technology. By blending the creative influences of fashion, lifestyle and technology, Golla has created a category that has attracted followers in over 100 countries worldwide, selling a total of 13 million bags to date…

“The collection offers a pleasing alternative in protective bags that come in bright colors and with funky prints.”

It’s a nice little pouch.  It has two ‘pockets’ on top, under the flap.  I’ve been able to put my iTouch in the back one and my Curve in the front, or use the front as a wallet.  On the back, there’s a small zipper for another place to either, hide or store something.  Comes on a carbine, but also has a strap you can attach.  What I like, is that, using the carbine, it hangs down below my waist, easier to get into then the ones at my waist, since my shirts are always in the way.  They’ve got styles that look nice for men or women.

From Golla:

Coming out of Finland, these bags and pouches are just what the next generation of BB users are looking for, featuring:

* Soft padded materials
* Fun and trendy patterns and colors
* Many carrying options
* Lanyard included
* Large removable D-ring
* Extra pockets for more storage

Now for what I like about it.  The pouch is made of a nice, durable fabric and looks nice to boot.   Using the D-ring, the pouch hangs from my belt loop, just below my waist.  Since I don’t tuck in my shirt, that lets me access my BB, without lifting my shirt all the time and keeps it safe from being damaged by other items in my pocket.

Add in the small front pocket, and it’s a wallet for when I don’t want to carry my purse with me.  The secondary, zippered pocket keeps notes for later on or other items you don’t want to lose.   With more ‘manly/boyish’ styles as well, these are right for so many people.   I’ve even used it to hold both my iPod Touch in the back pocket, and then my Curve in the front one, without any issues.

It also comes with a lariat strap. which is great for using on vacation. Just hang it around your neck for added protection and  you can keep some cash and your BB safe — or maybe even that iPod, if you so desire.

Below are some shots of mine:

IMG00167 IMG00168 IMG00169

You can get them at for $19.95 each, so you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

According to, they are also available at these retailers:
212 NYC wireless, Airport Wireless, AT&T stores, Bag N Baggage, Cricket Communications, Radio Shack (franchise),, Target, T-Mobile stores, & Virgin Megastores

Check them out and see if there’s one that fits your style and needs.

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  1. FYI, the name of the company is Golla (not Galla 🙂

  2. Can you fit the bag (with a Storm and a extended battery and such in it) into your pocket?

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