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Call Recording Software For BlackBerry…

I get asked this about once a week. Users who moved from Palm, Windows Mobile, or Symbian have enjoyed for years the ability to record their calls on their devices. People like me would just like to be able to record a call so they can store a shopping list that their wife dictates to them or a phone number.

RIM has blocked this for quite awhile and continues to not open any API’s that would allow such an application to exist. Some people have found workarounds to record one side of the call but it is in no way elegant. We do have solutions such as Cogi that lets you pay a monthly fee and call an access code to record a call but this is not ideal. I know I use GrandCentral every once in awhile to record calls free but that is in closed beta.

Recently Tashanna let me know about a thread on BlackBerryForums pointing to an application page that promises a solution in the near future. The software is called RecordedCalls at but the details seem a bit too good to be true. They promise a release in 15-21 days so we will see soon enough.

Their claimed features:

BOTH PARTIES RECORDED- Our call recording software will allow you to record both parties in the conversation! 
NO BEEP-  we are not here to police what you do with your call recording software.  Therefore, RCBB V1.1 to record your calls without a beep.
SAVES TO THE SD- don’t fret about blowing out your memory.  RCBB will save all files directly to your SD card keeping your cell phone memory free for other applications.
EZ ACCESS-  when you’re ready to move your files,  simply connect your Blackberry to your PC or Mac and transfer your calls directly from one folder to the other.

If you sign up to be notified of the release they are promising a 15% discount. Here is to hoping that they have found a way to actually do this… I also wonder how it will comply with current laws.

Let us know if you found anything else out!

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  1. Whois record of this domain shows a “Mark Russell” and a tfmarketing [at] gmail email. The name and the address turns up a marketing company specializing in collective toll-free numbers and domain names?

  2. Yeah as I said fishy…

  3. I think this is scam. They said 15-21 days…
    it has been already more than 4 weeks since I saw the web sites. There is no progress..

  4. Does anyone have know of any software out there that will record phone calls?

  5. Hmmmm…. is it 15-21 days already? The website still says 15-21 days, so I guess they hadn’t start counting yet…

  6. Yeah sorry to get your hopes up. Not sure what their story is…

  7. rim people should
    now days in
    call recording
    Answering machine function very much needed

  8. Berry Record by BerryWAV is the only app that comes close to recording anything while on the phone. the built-in voice recording program wont allow you to record voice while phone is active.

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