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Firewall to be put up around Australia; We need your help guys and girls.

Now I know this may be slightly off topic and I’m using my position for personal triumph but we really need you guys and girls to help us out here. See we only have 22 million citizens here and we need a petition signed by as many people as we can against a new government policy that is going to be introduced. 

The basic outline is the introduction of a ‘Clean Feed’ internet firewall for all Australian internet users. It will limit ALL of us here to being able to see only what the government wants us to see. The idea is to stop the flow of un-savory content to that element of the community that will find a way around it anyway.

This measure will slow internet speeds right down to crawling pace. Even worse, the blocked list will not be available to users so if the Australian government, in their wisdom, decides that a site like BerryReview should not be viewed by Australian internet users the it’s goodbye from me…. Other countries such as Iran and China have there type of measures already in use. Please help us stop it coming to Australia.

You can check out all of the details of the proposal at or go direct to the petition at Sign the petition here. 

Thanks for listening and now it’s back to your regular viewing.

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  1. Done! I hope for your sake they drop this project. Fight for your freedom!

  2. I signed it, but the best way to stop this BS is to stop electing liberals, bring Howard back.

  3. I would never expect something like that from a modern, civilized country like Australia. Maybe I am very naive and need to wake up.

  4. Since when is Australia like China?

    I would sign it but I’m in the US. Does my location matter?

  5. Mother f*****s! These government guys are some corrupted people. They sure get some bribe from software companies to restrict access to their cracked products. Some crooks.
    Their products are overpriced and have lots of bugs anyway.

    Do you realize what prices they will ask when you won’t have any other choice but to buy?

  6. For a supposed “free” nation this is awfully backwards.

    Hmmm…I wonder if a lawsuit by the people who created the original cleanfeed (removed spam from usenet feeds) would at least slow this down a bit?

  7. I thought we were the fascist country with PResident Bush at Hitler? Not Australia? Or any other “enlightened” Euro-like country.


  8. China firewall is lame, use water to put out the fire of the wall but how do you get over the wall? – use to bypass it. You can bypass China Great Firewall and access youtube, facebook, blogger and all other sites which are blocked.

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