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Viigo Updates Their Beta to Version 3.0.262 – No Changelog

Jordan just let us know that Viigo upgraded their beta software from version 3.0.246 to 3.0.262. No changelog was provided but the application does seem to have added a new feedback icon as well as an option to invite a friend to use Viigo. Jordan mentioned that this version seems to be more Bold friendly. Give it a try for yourself and let us know in the comments if you notice anything else!

Viigo can be downloaded directly from your Blackberry by going here!

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  1. Anyone know if they're supporting podcasts again?

  2. Note: this was just a minor tweak. However we have a fairly important upgrade coming for you all, especially BOLD users, in the next few days. You heard it here on Berry Review first! Stay tuned.

    Mark Ruddock

  3. great stuff – thanks for updates! hopefully a new storm version will be included too? 😉

  4. Sure hope they fix the article dupes with this or a soon future build. I have several feeds I stopped following in Viigo since the same posts show up day after day after day as "new" (despite oth Mozilla and Microsoft being able to discern that they aren't new). I've emailed them the feed addresses so maybe they have figured them out.

  5. Good point DavidB, We also hope that will fix the delete all your saved articles when you upgrade issue. I hate losing saved items when I upgrade!

  6. Amen, G Style. This is very annoying. Also, the hour glass issue still existed in the previous version. Hopefully this will be resolved as well.

  7. Everytime I install a new beta, it deletes the saved items. Bah.

  8. I have Curve 8330 Viigo on the beta version. Yet when I go to the site to upgrade to the newest Viigo. The site shows only download for curves w/ os 4.2 & 4.0 . I have OS 4.5

  9. fyi, might be more appropriate to submit specific bugs via the feedback tool inside of viigo so the devs can add them to their queue. keep in mind, the app is clearly in beta (and free!). in my opinion, they have done a tremendous job of ironing out issues while continuously adding new features. thanks to all for the hard work!

  10. I hate the “new” viigo. Tried it out again in October and went right back to the old one.

  11. Freerange does that too. I say we need more better RSS readers. The existing ones do not cut it.

  12. Well, nope, dupes problem not fixed.

    Perhaps rather than focusing on adding new features (like Tell A Friend, how stupid and self serving), they should focus on fixing bugs like dupe articles, memory leak, etc.! And yes, I’ve submitted many feedbacks and suggestions and bug reports (as well as crash logs too numerous to count).

    My opinion they are trying to do too much too quickly with basic functionality/stability left behind. Come on, an upgrade process that throughs away all customization you’ve done, forces redownloading of all content, and discards all saved info? Fail. An app that causes memory to fill and thus delete saved email/phone logs/etc. on your phone? Fail. An app that can’t figure out that humans can’t read paragrahs that are 2 or 3 characters wide? Fail. An app that when you use the email functions doesn’t use BB email compose features (did they write their own compose function?)? Fail. Listen, I KNOW it is free, but they better get back to basics and fix it or whatever marketization they are trying to do with it will be lost since the general public won’t utilize even a free buggy app for long.

  13. @bob, that’s fine you can download the 4.2 version on a curve running 4.5

    Ahmad Nassri
    Viigo Inc.

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